Maxio Launches SaaSOptics’ Financial Operations Capabilities in EMEA

Staff Report

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Maxio, an all-in-one revenue management and advanced subscription billing solution for high-growth software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, today announced it is launching its Atlanta-based SaaSOptics financial operations product in the EMEA region later this month and opening a full-service support branch in Dublin, Ireland. The SaaSOptics platform enables businesses to pull accurate SaaS metrics and analytics quickly, scale billing and payments, and automate IFRS-compliant revenue recognition.

“As more and more industries are shifting to subscriptions and complex billing and pricing models, it’s vital they have the right tools in place to manage and properly recognize their business’s revenue,” said Sally-Ann O’Callaghan, EMEA Regional Director for Maxio. “This is why I’m incredibly excited that the SaaSOptics platform will now be widely available to growing SaaS businesses in the EMEA region. There is a huge opportunity for the platform to help companies successfully optimise customer value and growth through its subscription management and financial operations capabilities.”

The SaaSOptics financial operations platform was purpose-built for term subscription B2B SaaS businesses. SaaSOptics creates a seamless flow of vital financial information that makes it easy to report, recognize, and realise revenue by easily connecting to a user’s customer relationship management (CRM) software and general ledger of choice. Businesses that are built on SaaSOptics eliminate their risky dependency on manual spreadsheets and are able to streamline financial operations.