Phoenix Parking Allows Customers to Give Real-Time Feedback

Staff Report

Tuesday, July 19th, 2022

Phoenix Parking Solutions, a contactless parking management company based in Atlanta, allows customers to improve their experience by leaving feedback in real-time with Phoenix’s contactless valet technology. Phoenix owner Jeff Patterson, a leader in this digital conversation, aims to improve operations and the overall parking experience.

“By using the feedback that customers give us we can improve the value and convenience of digital parking services even more,” says Patterson. “Our goal is to make the valet process as smooth as possible, so real-time feedback is really important to us.”

Phoenix Parking Solutions utilizes Oobeo, a cloud-based software, that makes it easy for customers to access parking services. They are able to use their mobile phone without having to download a separate app. Everything they need for the overall parking experience is located within Oobeo, including a rating system that Patterson can analyze to improve the services provided.

With the real-time rating system, Phoenix Parking Solutions can be proactive rather than reactive in resolving parking issues. Additionally, the company can create new features and products that focus on what its customers truly want.