Atlanta in Top 20 Best U.S. Cities for Bike-Commute

Thursday, May 25th, 2023

Here are our main findings:

  • Atlanta took the 16th spot among the most bike-friendly U.S. cities for commuters.

  • In terms of infrastructure and safety, Atlanta has an average bike lane density of 0.4 miles per square mile and registered 1.2 bike accidents per 100,000 residents in 5 years.

  • As for commute culture, 1% of Atlanta’s working population rides a bike to work.

  • When it comes to coworking operators, 14 locations offer bike-related amenities in the city.

  • Overall, California dominated the list of most bike-friendly cities, securing 8 spots in the top 20, with Davis and San Francisco snatching 1st and 2nd place.

There’s not much one can say against the humble bicycle. As a means of transportation, it’s affordable, accessible and, on small distances, even quicker than the car or public transit (especially as the congestion problem grows in many cities). And, in today’s pursuit of maximum efficiency, it’s hard to think of a better decision than downsizing to two wheels. But is it really that simple?

Indeed, a wider adoption of cycling and scooter-riding seems to be one of the most straightforward and easily applicable solutions to curb the effects of rush-hour traffic and keep air pollution at bay. However, some cities are better primed than others to spin their way toward a green future. With that in mind, we analyzed various factors from infrastructure to weather, traffic safety and more to unveil the top 20 most bike-friendly U.S. cities for commuters.

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