Atlanta Is the 5th Best City for a Culture-Focused Workation


Friday, November 17th, 2023

Remote workers who want to enjoy a culture-rich urban environment as the locals do while also working, can always opt for a workation. The only question: how to choose the best cultural hotspot for work and travel?

Many factors go into making a great cultural city, which is why researchers at CoworkingCafe focused on U.S. cities with populations of at least 200,000 and analyzed them based on a total of 10 metrics ranging from the number of museums and historic places, to stadiums and indoor arenas. We also included the availability of coworking spaces as an indicator of each city’s ethos regarding remote work in general.

Here are our main findings:

  • Atlanta took the 5th spot nationwide on the list of best cities for remote workers looking to work and travel while enjoying a culturally rich city.

  • The Big Peach took the top spot for its 22 coworking spaces per 100,000 residents.

  • For the festivals metric it ranked 5th with 16 events throughout the year, and 5th also for stadiums and indoor arenas with 4 venues in total.

  • With 60 attractions for arts and entertainment, Atlanta took the 9th spot for this metric, while also ranking 7th with 355 establishments registered under “other amusement and recreation – mostly fitness centers, golf courses, country clubs, and other recreational sports venues.”

  • Los Angeles topped the list as the best overall city for cultural workations by attracting travelers with the most festivals, art dealers, amusement parks, and highest employment in various fields of culture.

With the ability to work from anywhere comes the enticing opportunity for the occasional workation, where remote workers combine time off with work.  While they aren’t meant to replace a classic break, the benefits are unquestionable: Remote workers can now enjoy longer, more frequent getaways with less disruption to their work and a quicker return to peak productivity afterward.

The only question is where to go. And, while it might seem like remote workers are spoiled for choice, as always, not all destinations are created equal. Generally, culture-rich urban environments provide the most favorable setting, since they offer vibrant experiences and a refreshing change of scenery, as well as easy access to all that’s needed to maintain productivity. Whether you’re drawn to art, history, music, or food, in the top 15 cultural workation destinations you can engage your senses and open your mind to something new while prioritizing your mental well-being and personal growth.

To set up the overall ranking, we looked at the number of cultural attractions in the urban cores, as well as the employment in various fields of culture across the wider metro area as a measure of the city’s dedication to promoting its culture and preserving cultural heritage. Additionally, we included the availability of coworking spaces as an indicator of each city’s ethos regarding remote work in general. We then assigned all metrics equal weights and converted the absolute numbers into comparable scores.

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