Wynfield Plantation Gives Guests a Little Something Extra

Lucy Adams

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

The South Georgia plantation belt running from Albany to Thomasville is home to the long traditions of hospitality and hunting. At Wynfield Plantation in Albany quail hunting and gracious hospitality merge into the picture-perfect setting for formal corporate events and informal business strategizing. Leaders in Georgia’s and the nation’s agricultural, banking, oil and gas, medical, chemical, trucking and private equity industries, as well as others, reward their best salespeople and top clients with excellent accommodations and guided hunting experiences. “It’s a relaxed atmosphere,” says Kurt Guthrie, General Manager. “It’s something they’re treated to.”

The property on which Wynfield is sited was originally purchased as a quail plantation to which the owner brought his friends, family and colleagues. As interest grew, more acreage was bought. Things snowballed from there. Now expanded to include 2,000 acres of native woods and grasses, the natural landscape provides the perfect habitat for Bobwhite Quail. The five cabins and main lodge provide the perfect human habitat.

“There’s no cookie cutter approach to anything we do. We tailor the experience to each individual group,” says Guthrie. Wynfield provides all meals and alcohol to guests and the hunt packages are all-inclusive. Annick Siegl, Wynfield Plantation’s events coordinator, talks one-on-one with corporate representatives to ascertain their needs and what they want to accomplish during their time at Wynfield. “We do quite a bit of hunting with corporate groups and we even host what some of our clients call ‘hunt and learn’ trips where they do some sort of continuing education but hunt the majority of the time,” says Siegl. Many companies combine morning seminars or retreats with afternoons filled with shooting sports. Siegl plans evening receptions for them complete with appetizers, drinks, dinner and music.

During all shooting activities, safety is paramount. Expert trappers and guides supervise activities and transport guns for guests. Gun safety is reviewed for veteran sportsmen and novices alike. Beginners receive instruction to ensure confidence, safety and success. Wynfield Plantation also conducts internal training and reviews of gun handling for its employees, most of whom know their way around a shotgun. 

From October 1st through March 31st, Wynfield's main focus is hunting. In the off season groups hone their sharp-shooter skills on the 10-station sporting clays course or on the trap range. No matter what time of year company leaders choose to avail themselves, their employees or their clients of the Wynfield Plantation amenities, it’s a rewarding occasion. Gurthrie notes, “They combine brainstorming with fun. It’s not the normal routine. It’s a new atmosphere to create new ideas.” As a result, the workplace and relationships are reinvigorated.

“Annick is here to help them dream up anything they want,” adds Guthrie. Customization of events is complemented by personalization of service. Siegl and Guthrie and the staff converse with guests. Then they listen. If a guest mentions a favorite beverage, it may not be too long before that beverage is on hand. If a guest confesses a need to square away some time with an employee or client, it may just so happen that the two are paired up for recreational shooting the next day. “It’s the little things that make the place special,” Guthrie says. When they just so happen to have a CEO’s client’s favorite bourbon on hand, it’s as natural as the sun setting over the five acre pond behind the lodge.  But it’s also a little something extra.