Profile: Crystal Stevens of Creative Financial Group

Kim Wade

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

For some people, landing a dream job right out of college and sticking with that career for a lifetime works out. But for others, we discover new career callings and evolve as we grow with a versatile company. The latter was the case for Crystal Stevens. With an early eye on business, Stevens, Certified Financial Planner™ and Enrolled Agent/Tax Preparer at Creative Financial Group in Atlanta, quickly discovered she had a passion for financial planning. And while Creative is known for putting a personal touch on their clients’ financial planning and investment advisory services, that personalized approach to business also helped Stevens realize her own personalized career goals.  

To find out more about personal and professional satisfaction as one of Atlanta’s dynamic financial planners, Georgia CEO discusses career goals, job satisfaction and financial futures with Creative Financial Group’s Crystal Stevens.

Where did you grow up or where do you consider your hometown? What is your academic and job history and how does that relate to your job? 

“I grew up in Covington, Ga. and have always considered the Atlanta area my hometown.  I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Georgia, a Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning from Georgia State University and a Master of Taxation from Georgia State University.  I worked for two years after graduating from UGA as a credit analyst at Regions Bank before deciding that financial planning was my calling.  I went back to school at that point for financial planning and then began working at Creative Financial Group in 2002.  While working at Creative, I found an interest in the tax side of planning and went back to Georgia State for my Master in Taxation.  I then added to my job by joining our tax team as one of the preparers who assist clients with their tax preparation.”   

Please describe your daily job duties. What do you feel makes you a great fit for this position?

“My day includes speaking with clients about issues that may arise and meeting with clients on an on-going basis to review their financial goals.  The day also includes keeping up with the latest financial news, current industry trends and tax developments.  I am continually reviewing client investment accounts to ensure that they are invested at their risk tolerance, adjusted for market conditions and working toward client goals.”   

What drew you to Creative Financial Group? What do you feel sets them apart from other firms?  

“I was drawn to Creative while in graduate school as I was evaluating all of the different firms and planning models in the Atlanta area.  I knew I wanted a client oriented firm with the fee based model that I found at Creative.  It was important to me to work somewhere where the client always comes first, and I love the family atmosphere at Creative.”

What are some of your highlights of your career?

“I have found it to be rewarding to work with clients as they go through different life transitions.  I enjoy working with the parents and grandparents and even children in the same family as they grow and need financial planning assistance.  Seeing the value I can add during the hard transitions, such as death or divorce, brings personal and professional satisfaction.  I have worked hard and been fortunate to see my business grow year after year through referrals of existing clients.” 

What do you see for Creative Financial Group in the next five years? And where do you want to see yourself in the future?

“Creative Financial Group will continue to grow and create the family atmosphere we value with our clients and employees.  I will continue to develop my client base and look for opportunities to help out in the community.”