Heart Monitored, Cardio/Resistance Fitness Studio Searching for Perfect Fit Franchisees

John Tabellione

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Solcioty Fitness, a state-of-the-art, heart rate monitored cardio and resistance exercise studio, headquartered in Columbus, is seeking investors to fit franchise opportunities in Georgia, the Southeast, and Texas.

Justin Kanawyer, President of Solcioty, described opening its doors in July 2016, unveiling an experience for clientele to enjoy, measure, and benefit from the largest variety of equipment of any other heart rate monitored health club in the country. 

“We’re a class-based, boutique fitness concept, with retail space ranging anywhere from 2,600-3,400 square feet. Everything is run through our app and those who attend our classes purchases a heart-rate monitor on the first visit or when they sign up to become a member. Then everybody’s readings in the room are displayed in real time on individual TV screens.”

The screens also indicate the proper way to do each exercise via videos for maximized calorie burn, the number of repetitions to perform, as well as any modifications for someone with an injury. Checking class schedules, booking classes, and keeping track of results can all be tracked with the Solcioty app.

Kanawyer continued, “Half of a group of 30 may be on a bike and the other half will be doing strength training. The main thing that separates us is the variety. If you go into other facilities that may be similar, we just have a lot more to offer as far as equipment, and as far as not getting stagnant or bored because we change the workout every single day.” Feedback and very good testimonials on Facebook from members confirm the fun, energetic environment.

According to David Wheeler, Chief Development Officer, Solcioty’s combination of technology, science, and disciplined exercise programs offers a unique business opportunity for sophisticated investors who have an understanding of the market and the importance of real estate. Recently, Solcioty awarded a five-unit franchise in Atlanta, with the first location tentatively scheduled to open in early spring in the high-profile Buckhead area, while the others will follow three to six months apart. The minimum agreement for each franchisee is a three-unit contract.

“We want smart growth. We want to grow concentrically versus a shotgun approach, in order to maintain brand standards and be able to support our franchisees,” said Wheeler. “We’re primarily looking for those markets that have the ability to support three or more units. We’re looking at Nashville, the major markets in Florida, North and South Carolina. We’re very selective in our process.”

Summarizing the Solcioty experience, Kanawyer added, “Solcioty’s innovative methodology and high-end facilities reflect a deep-rooted commitment to results, not only for members but for franchise partners, landlords and brokers alike.  

To apply for a Solcioty franchise, or for further information about the process, go to http://solciotyfranchise.com/#0.

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