Fortune CEO Alan Murray Joined by Frank Blake as CEO Forum Shifts Online May 5th


Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

Fortune CEO Alan Murray will be the featured guest at goBeyondProfit’s CEO Forum planned for May 5, in dialogue with retired The Home Depot CEO and Chairman Frank Blake. The event, previously scheduled as a breakfast gathering, will now be held as an encrypted Zoom video at 11 a.m. 

Fortune President & CEO Alan Murray is the host of the Leadership Next podcast and author of the CEO Daily blog.  Murray is a frontline advocate for values-driven leadership approaches and the positive potential of stakeholder capitalism. In dialogue with Frank Blake, Murray will share insights he’s gained from daily conversations with CEOs navigating the pandemic’s complex challenges. 

Blake, a founding Ambassador of goBeyondProfit, was the Chairman and CEO of The Home Depot from 2007 to 2014.  His successful leadership is recognized for reinvigorating The Home Depot’s service culture and employee morale, as well as guiding its corporate generosity philosophies for the community. 

The event is open to the CEO/senior leader of all company members of goBeyondProfit, which is free for every Georgia business to join.  It is produced by goBeyondProfit with promotional partners and co-hosts Georgia CEO and the Georgia Chamber.

Event registration is available at

“The Coronavirus disruption has thrown business leadership into an unprecedented spotlight,” said Founding Director Megan McCamey.  “We’re delighted Alan agreed to shift online with us.  Now our members across the state will have the benefit of attending the CEO Forum to hear vital insights about what’s needed today.”

goBeyondProfit is a statewide alliance launched by business leaders for business leaders to spur corporate generosity and improve people’s lives. Through peer insights and stories, members learn from one another and strengthen their ability to ensure stronger businesses and healthier communities. goBeyondProfit is a fully funded philanthropic venture inviting every Georgia business to join at no cost.  For further information, visit