KARE App Announces Hospitality Heroes, Launch Into Atlanta

Staff Report

Friday, May 29th, 2020

KARE, the leading digital labor marketplace for Post-Acute and Senior Care, announced they are expanding their product to include hospitality workers, as well as launching in Atlanta. Their timing coincides with the rapidly deteriorating labor situation facing nursing homes and senior-housing during COVID-19.

Launched in October 2019, the KARE app allows nursing homes and senior care communities to quickly fill open caregiving and nursing shifts, priced far less than staff overtime or a staffing agency. It also allows care professionals to make extra income in their free time.

Now, through partnerships with economically impacted hospitality companies, KARE is allowing hospitality workers to pick up similar opportunities in care communities. KARE will open their app to furloughed cooks, maintenance, waitstaff, receptionists and housekeepers.

“While the coronavirus has devastated the hospitality industry, the need for these positions has never been stronger for our caring communities,” said Charles Turner, CEO of KARE. “We have the perfect technology to put these folks back to work, so we rapidly accelerated our development to help both workers and our caring communities.”

In addition to hospitality roles, KARE will be expanding their app to the Atlanta, Georgia market. KARE has grown rapidly in nine different Texas markets, and this would represent their first launch outside of Texas.

“First and foremost, KARE is an industry driven initiative, as several leading companies, industry leaders and real estate funds have invested to ensure our growth,” added Bridget Kaselak, Kare’s Chief Growth Officer. “Our customers and partners have been encouraging us to expand to Atlanta as our next major market, and this represents a logical extension of our current customer relationships.”

The timing of the hospitality roles and geographic expansion can’t come soon enough as most states, as well as CMS, is mandating regular COVID testing for both residents and staff.

“When we see increased testing, we know these communities will discover many more cases they never knew they had. If pervasive enough, expect an instant 25% to 50% reduction in staffing levels due to illness, fear or agency movement restrictions. This is where KARE shines, as we backfill these shifts in a responsible and compliant way,” added Kaselak.

“We have been waiting for KARE to launch in Atlanta for a while,” said Michael Allard, CEO of Atlanta based Principal Senior Living Group. “By launching in Atlanta and offering hospitality heroes, they are finally here to save the day!”