New Georgia Corporate Generosity Tracker unveiled by goBeyondProfit


Thursday, August 27th, 2020

Georgia businesses now have a robust source to learn how peer companies support their communities and positively impact the lives of their employees and customers.  

The goBeyondProfit Corporate Generosity Tracker points readers to hundreds of  links highlighting how companies are taking care of stakeholders across 12 types of leadership from Customer Well-Being and Employee Well-Being, to Empowering Community and Product Contribution, to North Star Leadership. 

“We’re hearing urgency from CEOs and consumers alike,” said Founding Director Megan McCamey. “The shifting landscape makes us all aware of the needs of our neighbors. Employees and customers increasingly look to their favorite brands and businesses to be part of the solution. We hope our continually updated tool helps business leaders learn from each other and helps Georgia consumers find and feel good about the companies they support.”

Identifying Georgia companies demonstrating care

A glance through the Tracker confirms that Georgia businesses of all sizes -- and at all levels of pandemic impacts -- have shared assets, influence and leadership to help their communities and companies survive and thrive. And new links are added routinely.

Delta Air Lines is one of more than 150 companies featured. CEO Ed Bastian describes a “virtuous circle” caused by putting people first. Delta has pledged to invest 1 percent of profits into its communities and to invest $1 billion over the next decade in sustainable air travel. In an August 18 LinkedIn post  Bastian also said, “…the COVID-19 pandemic and our global crisis of racial injustice only accelerated the drive to look beyond the bottom line.” 

Creature Comforts Brewing Company is an example of a small entrepreneur with rich examples in the tracker. Its CEO Chris Herron says, ““Since we opened our doors, the founding team members shared a hope that our community would benefit as a result of us operating here. This hope turned into a founding pillar for our company. We are working together as a community to help all our neighbors thrive and to bring about social equity.”

Readers can search for ideas and/or companies on the Corporate Generosity Tracker here.  

“The Corporate Generosity Tracker is just another example of how goBeyondProfit encourages companies to connect and collaborate philanthropically in this new normal,” said Gas South’s Community Affairs Program Manager, Carley Stephens.  As a founding member of goBeyondProfit, Gas South’s tags on the Tracker provide tremendous practical ideas into how a business can do well by doing good. 

goBeyondProfit is a statewide alliance launched by business leaders for business leaders to spur corporate generosity and improve people’s lives. Through peer insights and stories, members learn from one another and strengthen their ability to ensure stronger businesses and healthier communities. goBeyondProfit is a fully funded philanthropic venture inviting every Georgia business to join at no cost. For further information visit