Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan Announces Application Process for Partnership for Inclusive Innovation Grants

Staff Report

Monday, February 8th, 2021

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan announced the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation is now accepting applications for pilot program grant funding. The public-private partnership, which has strong support from the private sector, is looking to award grants of up to $250,000 to businesses, entrepreneurs and entities that are working to pave a way for a tech-forward future in Georgia.

“I am thrilled for this application process to begin, as the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation works to provide a path forward for individuals and organizations across the state to access funding and support,” said Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. “As we collectively work toward making Georgia the Technology Capital of the East Coast, we will stay focused on our initial mission, which is to take a business-minded approach to achieving goals such as statewide broadband connectivity, innovation in agriculture, and venture capital growth.”

The Partnership’s most recent grant recipient was in Augusta, Ga., which is working to create regional innovation hubs for entrepreneurship training.

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation is a public-private partnership that launched in 2020 to lead coordinated, statewide efforts to position Georgia as the Technology Capital of the East Coast. The organization guides efforts and pilot programs to help foster access, growth, entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the state, with the ultimate goal of achieving inclusive innovation throughout Georgia. The Partnership aspires to define Georgia’s entrepreneurial identity as a national leader in technology research, development and implementation – ultimately supporting innovation, opportunity and shared economic success throughout the state. 

Grant applications can be accessed here: 

Additional information about the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation is available here: