Telly Award-Winning Video Series Helps Georgia Business Achieve Goals for Thriving, Diverse Workplace


Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

goBeyondProfit’s video interview series Leading a Thriving Workplace with Race in Mind wins a Gold Telly Award for non-broadcast production. Since its release in January, the series has become a crucial tool for CEOs, board executives, and managers looking to build sustained business value as a company known for generosity, inside and out. 

Hailed by Georgia business leaders as relatable, clear and full of practical, implementable ideas, the video series has been featured on Georgia CEO as well as in the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce corporate policies playbook. The Award-winning interviews offer viewers expert perspective into common workplace habitsblind-spots and behaviors that often influence employees’ experience, disrupting satisfaction and productivity.

Since 2020, focusing on employees’ urgent needs became a true indicator of corporate generosity. Crisis made clear that external acts of kindness must align with internal company culture to maintain a positive reputation. goBeyondProfit helps leaders embrace generosity through empathetic leadership, caring culture and strategic giving.  

Georgians’ expectations for business generosity have intensified considerably. Today, authentic generosity includes a combination of charitable efforts, treating all people well, speaking up and solving real problems,” said goBeyondProfit President, Megan McCamey. “We hope these videos provide new insight as well as practical ideas to help CEOs care for their people.”

The series features conversations with accomplished employment lawyer and President of EPIQ Consulting, Darah Okeke, Esq., and workplace diversity expert, educator and VP of Human Resources at Jackson Healthcare, Matthew Harrison, Ph.D. 

The videos are available for audio or video download at . Three segments, each between 15 and 36 minutes long, include:

Action Steps to a Diverse Workplace. Replay this conversation over and over to discover tried and true program, processes and ideas to implement. (36 minutes)

Beyond Bias & Blind Spots. In this conversation, experts help executives discover hidden obstacles and practices that hinder a thriving, inclusive company culture and productivity. (22 minutes)

Impact of Racial Inequity at Work. A bit of history frames this conversation which leads to a practical understanding of why conversations on race are vitally important in the optimal workplace. (15 minutes)

goBeyondProfit is a recognized statewide alliance of business leaders committed to corporate generosity and improving people’s lives. Through peer insights and stories, members learn from one another and strengthen their ability to ensure stronger businesses and healthier communities. goBeyondProfit is a fully funded venture inviting every Georgia business to join at no cost.