goBeyondProfit Champion Awarded to Cox Enterprises


Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Innovation and People-Centered Values Combine for A Century of Business Success 

Not only in spite of pandemic upheaval, but partly for how it navigated the storm, goBeyondProfit announced that Cox Enterprises has been awarded as the most recent goBeyondProfit Champion. Cox Enterprise was nominated for how its values-oriented approach has endured for over a century. 

“Cox Enterprises has pivoted and evolved its businesses decade after decade,” said goBeyondProfit President Megan McCamey. “Throughout, Cox has operated with a crucial constant: prioritization of care for its people and communities. This business approach proves critical to the health of Georgia’s businesses and its residents.”

goBeyondProfit’s profile on the company’s award-winning approaches provides constructive insights for other Georgia business leaders. For example, key strategies for aligning 50,000 employees to one set of values start with careful recruiting and include robust listening to employees, including a pioneering EXLab program (Employee Experience Lab) that uses the design thinking model. Read more about their program: https://gobeyondprofit.org/recommended_reading/balancing-consistency-with-innovation-durable-values-are-key-to-more-than-a-century-of-success/

During the pandemic, the company’s business pivots included continuing its promise to “be a good citizen in the communities we serve.” Its “One Call a Day” campaign matched a Cox employee with an isolated senior so they could call them when social distancing restrictions and loneliness were at their peak. And its “Connecting Through Kindness,” program encouraged employees to take on random acts of kindness in their communities, resulting in more than 11,000 actions like making masks, creating homemade gift baskets for nursing home patients and collecting school supplies for children in need.

“This is part of our company’s purpose,” explained Jill Campbell, chief people and operations officer. “We want to build a better future not just for the people at Cox but for everyone in our communities too.”

“It comes down to being authentic and listening to those around you,” Cox Enterprises President & CEO Alex Taylor recently said. “Build your reputation around doing the right thing and genuinely caring about the people, families and communities impacted by your company.”

goBeyondProfit is a statewide alliance of business leaders committed to corporate generosity and improving people’s lives. Through peer insights and stories, members learn from one another and strengthen their ability to ensure stronger businesses and healthier communities. goBeyondProfit is a fully funded venture inviting every Georgia business to join at no cost.