ARPR Rebrands as Alloy

Staff Report

Friday, September 2nd, 2022

Coinciding with its 10th anniversary, today ARPR - now Alloy - unveiled a new brand identity, bigger mission and website - The B2B tech marketing agency’s rebrand reflects its creative obsession and technical sophistication, distinctions which it uses to help clients engage with their buyers, shape public opinion, build lasting influence and grow their market share.

Different Since Day One
In 2012, the company formally known as ARPR was founded by a young, tenacious woman set out to pioneer new concepts and question conventional wisdom long held by agencies. This entrepreneurial beginning permanently rooted the agency's culture in possibility, curiosity and ideas.

“Coming out of Covid, we, like every organization, had to step back and reevaluate our next chapter,” said ARPR’s Founder and Alloy’s Chief Strategy Officer and Partner Anna Ruth Williams. “There’s no denying that the world’s marketplace has evolved and digital transformation has become ubiquitous for every industry and market size. As a result, the need for modern integrated marketing agencies has never been greater. We were up for the challenge. But, in order to meet this need, we needed investment, restructing and a renewed vision.”

A New Chapter
At the start of 2022, the agency announced its acquisition and the arrival of new Chief Executive Officer Raj Choudhury who brings 25 years of digital marketing and executive-level agency experience to the organization.

“We combined our legacy and undeniable growth with a bigger mission to become Alloy,” said Choudhury. “Our rebrand captures who we are at our core, which is much more than a PR shop. Just like an alloy combines elements to create a stronger substance, we blend the right mix of capabilities to deliver powerful integrated marketing programs for global tech brands who are ready to tackle big challenges.”

Helping Leaders Think Beyond Tomorrow
“Our idea makers don’t shy away from problems. We run straight into them,” Choudhury continued. Alloy’s team architects bold solutions to address the complex challenges facing today’s IT companies - from category creation to funnel optimization to customer marketing.

“I initially hired Alloy (formerly ARPR) in 2016, the same year it became the first tech PR firm to integrate demand generation into its set of capabilities,” said Kyra Hagan, two-time Alloy client and vice president of marketing at RxBenefits. “In the six years that have followed, I’ve witnessed the agency’s growth and client service innovation - helping us get to market quickly and build lasting brand influence.”

Engaging B2B buyers throughout their journey requires a blend of traditional marketing strategies with compelling content and contemporary digital PR. The Alloy Methodology creates a foundation that draws buyers in, molds their preferences, and solidifies their decisions - ultimately growing clients’ market share.

“It’s not a coincidence for me that Alloy has the word ‘ally’ in it. They’ve been my marketing team’s strongest ally as we’ve journeyed through momentous corporate transactions, unprecedented organizational growth, and even crisis communications events. Every marketing leader needs an ally like Alloy.”

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