SignatureFD Honored with goBeyondProfit 2022 Champion Award


Thursday, October 27th, 2022

goBeyondProfit, a first-of-its-kind business leader initiative that highlights corporate generosity, today announced it has honored Georgia-based SignatureFD, an integrated wealth management firm, as a winner of the goBeyondProfit champion award for 2022.

SignatureFD, and its CEO Heather Fortner, were nominated and selected for this award by fellow Georgia business leaders because of their relentless curiosity to lead better and deliver more impact for clients, employees, communities, and the industry as a whole. 

This recognition comes on the heels of SignatureFD launching their SignatureGIVING program, whereby the team members vote on an organization to support for the year. Whichever organization is chosen receives a large donation as well as dedicated volunteer efforts from each and every person within the organization. 

“As an organization, generosity has been a core value for us,” said Heather Fortner, CEO of SignatureFD. “We decided, early on, that we can do things differently. We can make an impact. We can lead better, which ultimately means we can make a greater difference in the community we serve.”  

Past award winners include Gas South, Creature Comforts Brewing, H.J. Russell & Company, Aflac, W&A Engineering, Cox Enterprises, Herschend Enterprises, and Chick-fil-A.

In an interview with goBeyondProfit, Heather Fortner shares candid reflections about the core company values, culture and generosity journey at SignatureFD. See the full interview here:

“The reality is that your job as a leader is to leave this community better than when you got here,” said Fortner. “And if you aren't doing that, if you're just living by status quo, I would offer that's not leadership.”

“Each goBeyondProfit Champion has a story of exceptional of generosity,” said Megan McCamey, goBeyondProfit Founding President. “What made SignatureFD stand out was their emphasis on generosity as a journey and their openness to evolve, learn and improve the ways that they deliver on their values and commitments to their people, clients and communities.” 

In 2021, SignatureFD launched their new SignatureGIVING program. Each year, SignatureFD professionals vote to provide $50,000 to two non-profits. In addition, the company volunteer programs are committed to these select organizations. Historically, SignatureFD has contributed to and partnered with Atlanta Community Food Bank, Covenant House, Cobb Community Foundation, OnBoard, and Special Olympics Georgia.

In addition, SignatureFD committed to contributing 5% over budget into an employee giving account which enables employees to give to the charity of their choice

SignatureFD believes people want to use their wealth to do something worthwhile – for themselves, those they love, and their community. Through integrated wealth management services, SignatureFD helps clients create a financial design for life that enables them to protect, grow, give, and live their wealth – ultimately transforming their net worth into NET WORTHWHILE™.  Passionate about living their Net Worthwhile as a company and caring for the place they call home, SignatureFD partners with local organizations to give back. 

About SignatureFD

True Wealth Is Bigger Than Just the Accumulation of More 

We believe in helping our clients achieve wealth beyond money – financial security is just the first step. That’s why our focus isn’t just on your net worth; it’s on your Net Worthwhile™. Net Worthwhile™ empowers you to use all elements of your wealth for a financial design that helps you grow, protect, give and live your wealth to the fullest. Our collaborative and caring team of investment, financial planning and tax experts are committed to proactively helping clients take control of their financial lives and achieve their goals.

About goBeyondProfit

goBeyondProfit is a statewide alliance launched by business leaders for business leaders to spur corporate generosity and improve people’s lives. To submit a nomination for future goBeyondProfit Champions, visit the goBeyondProfit website and nomination form.

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