Vector Global Logistics Honored with goBeyondProfit 2022 Champion Award


Thursday, December 1st, 2022

goBeyondProfit today announced it is honoring Georgia-based Vector Global Logistics, a logistics and supply chain company that is coordinating efforts to aid the people of Ukraine, as a winner of the goBeyondProfit champion award for 2022.

Vector Global Logistics, and its Co-Founder and Managing Director Enrique Alvarez, were nominated and selected for this award by fellow Georgia business leaders for their dedication to leveraging logistics to change the world. Vector’s global network responds to local needs as well as humanitarian disasters, most recently aiding the residents of war-torn Ukraine.

In recent months, Vector has coordinated shipments of more than 500,000 pounds of supplies including medical supplies, first aid kits, hygiene items, disaster blankets, clothing and even children’s books to support victims of the ongoing war. 


“The war in Ukraine is not only a humanitarian crisis, but also a significant supply chain crisis as well,” said Enrique Alvarez, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vector Global Logistics. “For us, we feel a personal responsibility to offer our unique logistics capabilities as part of the solution, connecting suppliers, agents, clients, local governments, and even our competitors together in order to deliver much needed aid.”

Vector has worked with partners such as Hapag-Lloyd and Swan Transportation to lower the cost of aid shipments to Ukraine. It has also obtained generous financial sponsorships from D-Trans LLC, WCAworld Foundation and a private family foundation to cover shipment of aid.

Vector has obtained and coordinated other in-kind donations for Ukraine:

  • Donations of vital medical supplies from Performance Health and MATTER as well as disaster blankets from Whitehouse & Shapiro.

  • Book donations and warehouse space for consolidation of aid from Books for Africa.

  • Collective sourcing everything from medical supplies to automobiles to protective equipment to basic needs for residents of Ukraine.

  • Continued connections between individuals and companies and non-profits working to support Ukraine from the region.

  • Dedicated episodes of its Logistics With Purpose® podcast for discussions on what is happening in Ukraine, what is needed, and organizations who are responding.

“Vector’s audacious goal to change the world through supply chain fuses together purpose and core business capabilities for a powerful, global impact.” said Megan McCamey, goBeyondProfit Founding President. “We believe their story offers an inspiring road map for fellow business leaders.”  

In an interview with goBeyondProfit, Alvarez makes the case for purpose-based culture, discusses the role of generosity in hiring and retaining talent, and shares more about Vector’s unique giving strategy around the world. See the full video interview here:

“We are trying to inspire other companies to adopt a similar mentality,” says Alvarez. “To see that going beyond profits is really what’s going to not only change the world, but it’s going to make your company more profitable.”

Vector’s dedication to giving back extends across the globe through their partnerships with SERV to deliver more than 800,000 meals to children in Kenya, as well as supporting children in Mexico and Chile through their partnerships with Canica and Coanil. Their work has opened a dialogue among competitors, governments, and their own clients.

Past goBeyondProfit award winners include Gas South, Creature Comforts Brewing, H.J. Russell & Company, Aflac, W&A Engineering, Cox Enterprises, Herschend Enterprises, Chick-fil-A, and SignatureFD.