Cumberland CID Launches Autonomous Shuttle Pilot Program, Plans for Future Growth

Staff Report

Wednesday, July 26th, 2023

The Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID) is proud to announce its partnership with Beep, a national leader in multi-passenger and electric autonomous mobility solutions, to launch the Cumberland Hopper, an autonomous shuttle pilot program providing additional connectivity throughout the Cumberland district. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in transforming transportation options within Cumberland, offering enhanced connectivity, sustainability, and convenience to the business community, residents, and visitors. The pilot program will launch on July 25th and will operate through March 2024, demonstrating the Cumberland CID's commitment to delivering safe and reliable mobility options to the growing Cumberland community. 

The Cumberland Hopper, presented by the Cumberland CID in collaboration with Beep, will provide an enhanced and efficient complimentary transportation service by leveraging Beep's advanced autonomous mobility solutions and national experience.

During the pilot program, the Cumberland Hopper autonomous shuttle will operate along two designated routes, connecting key destinations as part of a major mobility project in development by the Cumberland CID called the Cumberland Sweep. The eight-month pilot program will connect visitors, residents, and the community to destinations around Cobb Galleria and to The Battery. 

The pilot program's duration, from July 2023 to March 2024, will provide CCID the data collection, performance evaluation, and community feedback to further define and develop the long-term Cumberland Sweep mobility strategy which will be implemented over the next several years. The Sweep is a three-mile plus corridor of dedicated walking and biking lanes strategically designed to connect key destinations throughout the core of the Cumberland CID. The future multimodal path will improve accessibility, enhance safety, and provide alternative transportation options, reducing reliance on traditional car commutes. With the Cumberland Sweep, the business community, residents, and visitors can effortlessly traverse the Cumberland area, accessing prominent locations such as The Battery Atlanta, Truist Park, Cumberland Mall, Cobb Galleria Centre, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, and the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (CRNRA), reducing carbon emissions and improved traffic flow. 

"We are excited to partner with Beep, a leader in autonomous mobility, to bring the Cumberland Hopper autonomous shuttle pilot program to the Cumberland CID," said Kim Menefee, Executive Director of the Cumberland CID. "By embracing Beep’s cutting-edge solutions, we are providing our community with a sustainable and convenient transportation option that prioritizes connectivity and safety. The Cumberland Hopper presented by the Cumberland CID represents our commitment to innovation and progress, and we look forward to the positive impact it will have on our district." 

Beep, renowned for its expertise in autonomous mobility solutions, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Cumberland Hopper pilot program as the autonomous solution provider having multiple active deployments across the county. As a trusted partner, Beep's commitment to sustainability, safety, and reliability aligns perfectly with the Cumberland CID's vision for sustainable growth and connectivity within the district.

"We are delighted to partner with the Cumberland CID to bring autonomous mobility to the Cumberland community," said Joe Moye, CEO, Beep, Inc. "Our cutting-edge autonomous solutions are designed to provide equal access to transportation and streamlined connectivity to communities across the country. The Cumberland Hopper pilot program exemplifies our shared mission of providing safe and effective transportation, and we are excited to showcase the benefits of autonomous mobility to the Cumberland CID." 

The launch of the Cumberland Hopper pilot program as part of the development of the Cumberland Sweep project marks a significant milestone in the Cumberland CID's ongoing efforts to enhance mobility and foster economic growth within the district. By collaborating with Beep, the Cumberland CID reinforces its position as a catalyst for sustainable development and progress. 

For more information about the Cumberland CID and its Hopper Autonomous Vehicle Shuttle Service program, contact Shaheen Solomon, senior director of public relations with The Partnership at 470-889-8092 or by email at [email protected]