Clearwave Fiber's Internship Program Empowers Future Talent with Hands-On Experience and Community Involvement

Staff Report

Friday, August 4th, 2023

Clearwave Fiber, a leading telecommunications company renowned for its 100% Fiber network spanning four states, recently concluded its Summer Internship Program. Held at both the company headquarters in Savannah and the regional Midwest office in Kansas, the program included a diverse group of young talent from various universities who gained invaluable experience while making a positive impact on the company and the community.

At the Savannah headquarters, six interns joined various departments, including Finance, Accounting, Business Intelligence and People Operations. Meanwhile, five students participated in the internship program at the Kansas office, working with the Marketing department.

“Clearwave Fiber's Summer Internship Program exemplifies our commitment to nurturing future talent and giving back to the community,” said Tyshajuana Stevens, Clearwave Fiber People Operations Business Partner. “By offering hands-on experience, exposure to real-world challenges, and a supportive work environment, we’re helping shape the leaders of tomorrow in the ever-evolving telecommunications industry.”

Throughout the summer, the interns were given significant projects to work on, aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their respective departments. This hands-on experience allowed them to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in their academic pursuits to real-world scenarios in a corporate setting, preparing them for their future careers. Some also developed assets for Clearwave Fiber, helping them learn about the various functions within the company while contributing to its efforts.

“This internship has not only helped me refine my skills but has also helped me discern that marketing is something I want to pursue as a career. I interned here last summer, as well, and have grown so much, strengthening my communication, leadership, teamwork, time management, design and analytical skills,” said Abby Fellows, a junior at Creighton University. “The experience I’ve gained and the relationships I’ve cultivated will serve me well in the future. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and to those who have taken the time to mentor and challenge me.”

A unique aspect of Clearwave Fiber's internship program was the opportunity for interns to work in a hybrid environment. This allowed them to develop crucial software skills and soft skills that often go untaught in traditional classroom settings. The company's commitment to a supportive work culture fostered a positive learning environment, making the interns feel welcomed and valued.

“My favorite part about being an intern for Clearwave Fiber is how inclusive everyone is and providing us with as much exposure to the work as possible without being overwhelming,” said intern Alexis Martinez, a senior at Valdosta State University. 

One of the highlights of the program was the weekly collaboration meetings. These gatherings facilitated knowledge-sharing, peer learning and networking opportunities, enriching the overall experience for the participants. Additionally, the interns had the privilege of attending sessions with leaders from various departments, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings and broader vision of Clearwave Fiber.

In a commendable gesture of giving back to the local community, the interns in Savannah chose to volunteer at the Kicklighter Resource Center. They spent a day working together to help the center prepare for the upcoming back-to-school season, exemplifying one of Clearwave Fiber's five core values, “Purpose: We Are About More Than Ourselves.”

“We were so pleased that this year’s group wanted to give back to the community and donate their time to a worthwhile cause,” said Stevens. “Community involvement is a core tenant of our corporate identity and we are thrilled to pass along that value to our interns.”

This year’s Clearwave Fiber interns included: Abby Fellows, a junior at Creighton University; Chuck Hallier, a sophomore at the University of Kansas; Alexis Herc, graduate of University of South Carolina-Beaufort; Nick Landers, a senior at Georgia Southern University; Lucy Little, a freshman at Indiana University; Alexis Martinez, a senior at Valdosta State University; Nick Milcarek, a senior at Georgia Southern University; Sara Montalbano, a sophomore at the University of Nebraska; Dylan O'Brien, a senior at the University of Missouri at Kansas City; and Kaylea Winebrenner, a senior at The University of South Carolina Beaufort.