What Makes Atlanta 10th Best in the U.S. for Working Parents?

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Finding harmony between the job and family time can come as a great challenge, which is why we set out to find the U.S. cities that offer the best environment for working parents.

In order to do that, our researchers at CoworkingCafe analyzed a number of factors that indicate a family-friendly work culture, availability and accessibility of education, and opportunities to minimize commute. This resulted in 10 carefully weighted metrics which we grouped into three categories by the aspects of family life that they influence most: Work, Education, and Health & Environment.

Here are our main highlights:

  • Atlanta is the 10th best city for working parents due to a healthy balance across the main metrics.

  • The city ranked 8th in the Work category with almost 19% of workers being remote, and an average density of 0.8 coworking spaces per square mile helping parents stay on top of their daily schedules. Here, almost 77% of the active population works in remote-eligible jobs.

  • Looking at the Education category, Atlanta has around one public school per square mile and center-based childcare is on the more affordable side here, taking up 14% of the median household income.

  • Moving over at the Health & Environment category, the city boasts 124 pediatricians per 100K children and 10.7 acres of green spaces per 1K population.

  • Nationwide, Washington, D.C. is the best city for working parents due to its family-friendly work culture and above-average education score.

For the full study: https://www.coworkingcafe.com/blog/best-cities-for-working-parents/