Assembly Studios Opens in Doraville, Making DeKalb County a Prime Location for State-of-the-Art Film Production

Friday, January 26th, 2024

Doraville, Ga., a vibrant city known for its rich cultural diversity and strategic location, is the latest hub for the film and entertainment industry. With the newest addition of Assembly Studios, a cutting-edge film production facility has been established in the heart of the city.

Assembly is the newest addition to the DeKalb film scene, with four other major studios existing – Eagle Rock Studios, Blackhall Studios, Third Rail Studios, and Wilder Studios. With these studios, in addition to the unique on-location spots, DeKalb is consistently a top choice for major film productions, TV shows, and commercials.

Doraville’s new Assembly Studios is a full-service studio with 19 sound stages on 135 acres in Doraville. The strategic geographical positioning of Doraville makes it an attractive choice for film production, and the location of the old General Motors Assembly plant allowed for enough space for the sprawling studio complex. Located in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, Doraville provides easy access to major transportation networks, including Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This accessibility is crucial for the seamless movement of talent, crew, and equipment, ensuring a streamlined production process for film industry workers.

"We are thrilled to welcome Assembly Studios to Doraville," said James Tsismanakis, Executive Director, and CEO of Discover DeKalb "DeKalb County has a long-standing tradition of embracing creativity and innovation, and the addition of Assembly Studios will further contribute to the vibrant cultural landscape of Doraville and will play a big part in DeKalb quickly becoming the biggest film destination in Georgia."

Assembly Studios' investment in Doraville is expected to bring a significant economic boost to the local community, creating job opportunities and driving tourism. The studio's state-of-the-art facilities will include sound stages, post-production suites, and other amenities that will contribute to the city's reputation as a top-tier destination for film production.

With DeKalb’s diverse range of picturesque landscapes, from urban settings to scenic natural environments, it is no wonder that filmmakers flock to the area for versatility. The county's blend of modern infrastructure and historic charm provides filmmakers with a variety of settings to suit the needs of diverse film genres.

The collaboration between Assembly Studios and Doraville marks a significant milestone in the county and city’s growth as an entertainment industry hub, solidifying its position as a premier location for filmmakers and studios alike.

From the big screen to the little screen, DeKalb and Doraville have quickly become one of Georgia’s most highly sought-after filming locations. Take a look at some of the films and movies that might be recognized on the big screen… VIEW FILM TOUR HERE.