goBeyondProfit Releases Invitations for Business Executive Opinion Survey


Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

goBeyondProfit, a statewide alliance launched by business leaders for business leaders, is extending invitations to its annual Executive Survey for all eligible senior business leaders.

Senior Business Leaders Invited: Click here to participate in the brief survey 

Each year, goBeyondProfit conducts a set of anonymous surveys to explore how businesses can align investments in company culture and generosity with what employed adults value most. The goBeyondProfit employee survey is currently collecting opinions from employed Georgians as well as nationwide employed adults.

Participants who complete the Executive Survey gain priority access to comparative data and insights from both employed adults and peer businesses. The survey questions explore topics such as company culture and trust in the office; what employees consider generous versus essential benefits; and strategies to enhance productivity.

“goBeyondProfit and Georgia CEO are committed to providing Georgia business leaders a lens into what employees’ value most. The results of these surveys provide business leaders timely data and actionable steps to prioritize investments in business generosity and company culture.” said goBeyondProfit President, Megan McCamey.

Georgia business leaders who complete the Executive Survey will receive: 

  • Data reflecting the current mindset of employed adults and peer executives

  • Comparative data on Georgia employed adults and nationwide employed adults

  • Insights on what Georgians value most from the businesses in their lives

Click here to accept your invitation and participate in the survey.


goBeyondProfit is a statewide alliance of more than 2,100 business leaders committed to business generosity and improving people’s lives. Through peer insights and research, members learn from one another and strengthen their ability to ensure stronger businesses and healthier communities. goBeyondProfit is a fully funded venture inviting every Georgia business to join at no cost.