Jackson Healthcare Launches Venn to Exclusively Focus on Workforce Optimization

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Friday, March 22nd, 2024

Jackson Healthcare announced the launch of Venn, the newest addition to its family of highly specialized healthcare staffing, search and technology companies.

Exclusively focused on helping healthcare organizations of all sizes gain holistic visibility into their workforces to better plan, manage and optimize physician and advanced practice provider (APP) staffing across their operations, Venn draws on its unique suite of workforce optimization solutions powered by technology expressly designed for the healthcare market.

Leveraging Venn workforce management and optimization solutions, healthcare organizations can execute workforce strategies that are uniquely customized to them and that draw on robust analytics and intelligence to provide visibility into every aspect of staffing operations — from effectively modeling and planning, to deploying the right mix of permanent and contingent clinicians to meet care demand.

"Venn applies deep healthcare workforce expertise and next-generation technology to enable organizations to take a strategic, proactive approach to planning and truly optimizing their physician and APP workforces. Through Venn, they can customize their workforce models, maximize talent organization-wide and reduce expense, all while improving availability and quality of care," said Shane Jackson, president, Jackson Healthcare.

By streamlining workforce management organization-wide, healthcare organizations can apply a strategic approach to staffing physicians and APPs and maximize the use of permanent and contingent workers across their labor pools. When additional healthcare professionals are needed to fill short- or long-term needs, clients can leverage Venn’s network of curated staffing partners to place qualified physicians and APPs when and where they’re needed and handle onboarding and scheduling, all while keeping pay rates within market standards.

"As today’s healthcare delivery organizations care for patients, they’re facing more financial pressure than ever. This had led to the desire for a strategic partner to evaluate and guide their approaches to workforce planning and spend to optimize physician and APP utilization and positively impact care delivery. Venn provides immediate operational advantage in the market for talent," added Jackson.

Included among the Venn workforce optimization suite are solutions for resource planning and consulting, float pool management, advanced scheduling, transition management, vendor management system (VMS) and managed service provider (MSP). Visit Venn online to learn more.