Top Atlanta Firms Are Not Using the Human in Customer Comms According to New Study from Duluth’s Moneypenny

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, May 13th, 2024

Some of the largest companies in Atlanta are not using the human touch in their communications, according to a new study of the top 50 private companies in the city by Moneypenny and VoiceNation, leaders in outsourced calls and communications.

A total of 41 out of the 50 companies studied do not list a contact phone number on their website home page. While the majority (90%) do list a phone number elsewhere on the website, which was relatively easy to find, 48% of these feature automated answer messages, rather than having a human answer the phone, while a further seven companies disconnected the call after one ring. Only seven of the companies studied had a human answering the phone.

While many companies offer a range of alternative communication methods, such as chatbots, and webforms, this lacks the personalized benefit of a human connection. It is also of no help to the estimated 24 million Americans lacking access to high-speed internet, according to McKinsey, or to the approximately 23 million people who don’t use the Internet, as reported by the Pew Research Center In 2021.

Richard Culberson, CEO of Moneypenny and VoiceNation North America comments: “As the world becomes more digital, firms must remember the value of human connection too. Chatbots and AI can enhance the customer experience, but many people still like to have the choice and prefer the warmth, understanding, and problem-solving capacity of a friendly human being on the end of a phoneline, particularly when their call is urgent or sensitive. Atlanta companies should therefore ensure they design their digital platforms to readily provide essential information like contact details.”