Atlanta #2 Best Large City for College Grads to Start Their Careers


Wednesday, June 5th, 2024

Atlanta has positioned itself as an attractive destination for recent grads, earning the 2nd spot among large U.S. cities. The city's high density of coworking spaces and leisure establishments, combined with a significant increase in median income, make it an excellent choice for young professionals. Atlanta also boasts a strong health insurance coverage rate for young adults, contributing to its appeal.

This is according to CoworkingCafe’s updated study on the best cities for 2024 college graduates. Considering 8 metrics, our analysis dives deep into employment opportunities, financial health, and lifestyle quality across U.S. cities. Whether drawn to bustling metropolises or charming small towns, we highlight the top destinations where young professionals can thrive, ranking cities according to three population brackets: small, large and medium.*

  • The 23 coworking spaces per 100K residents pushed the Big Peach to the 1st spot for this metric – the city registered 6 more spaces this year compared to 2023’s analysis. While the 725 leisure establishments per 100K population (9 places more than last year) placed the city 2nd, behind only Miami’s 960 establishments.

  • 69.4% of the population aged 19-34 has a health insurance in Atlanta – this share places the city 6th among large cities. However, for this metric Atlanta saw a slight drop from last year’s 71.5%.

  • The $79,914 median income for people aged 25+ holding a bachelor’s degree places Atlanta 7th in our ranking. The Big Peach saw a $12,510 raise in income compared to 2023’s analysis.

  • The city also ranks 7th for the share of population aged 18-34 who has a bachelor's degree – 52.9% – 1.1% lower than last year’s analysis.

  • Another GA city, Savannah, ranked 44th among small cities with $54,530 median income and 48.6% health insurance coverage among population aged 19-34.

  • Among large cities, San Francisco took the 1st spot for recent grads to start their careers. Arlington, VA was 1st among mid-sized cities, while Cambridge, MA took the crown among small cities.

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