Aflac Aims to Help Millennials Protect their Lifestyles, Not Just Their Health in New Marketing Campaign

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Aflac, the leader in voluntary insurance sales at the worksite in the United States, announced the launch of a new marketing campaign designed to be extremely relevant with young adults. The campaign aims to reframe the supplemental insurance conversation through relatable examples of how changes in a person's health should not impact his or her lifestyle. The integrated campaign includes a new television commercial, "Ski Patrol," that will debut during the 90th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which aired on Thursday, Nov. 24 and featured the Aflac Duck's sixth appearance in the parade.

"With this campaign, we are trying to reaffirm the relevance of Aflac and supplemental insurance with a new generation of customers," said Gail Galuppo, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Aflac. "With a penchant for living life to the fullest, young adults are unsure why Aflac is a valuable addition to their overall benefits. When an injury or illness strikes, it can have an impact on more than just their health and finances – it can have a ripple effect on their overall lifestyle."

"Ski Patrol," directed by Martin Granger with cinematography directed by Oscar-nominated Robert Yeoman, opens on a snowy mountain with a young man lying on the ground after a serious fall. Two ski patrolmen assess the situation and comment about how the injury looks like a real nasty "moving-back-in-with-his-parents," implying that the costs associated with his injury could force him to change his lifestyle and move back home.

The young man retorts, "What? No, I just broke my leg!" The patrolman explains, "No, it's a full-blown move-into-the-basement. You're gonna be outta work, and without that money from Aflac, you might miss your rent."

The hurt man then whines, "But I just moved out...."

True to his style, the Aflac Duck makes a comedic appearance in the commercial, decked out in a ski hat and scarf to make sure everyone, including younger consumers, knows that health can change, but the life they love doesn't have to.

Integrated campaign takes inspiration from social media to reach target audience

The new campaign has a significant focus on digital media as well to reach millennials who predominantly consume content online. The visual identity of the campaign was inspired by the lifestyle imagery young adults are accustomed to seeing, creating and engaging with every day on their personal social media pages.

The copy contrasts what a routine injury might appear to be on the surface level to how it could impact a person's finances and, ultimately, his or her lifestyle. Aflac wants consumers to think in practical terms, like how many date nights, concerts, new shoes or vacations they might miss due to a broken arm, injured knee, slipped disc or worse.

"The effect of an illness or injury doesn't stop at the doctor's office. It can unravel someone's entire life," added Galuppo. "Young adults need to understand that supplemental insurance like Aflac's doesn't just help cover their entire body; it helps cover their lifestyle. That's why Aflac stands by our promise to be there for our customers in their times of need – big or small."

The campaign will include easy-to-understand content designed for digital, search and online video advertising, social media posts on the Aflac Duck's popular social networks and public relations support, including partnerships with a number of online influencers. Out-of-home advertising in New York City and cinema advertising will showcase the campaign on some of the biggest screens available.