Casey Cagle: As Washington Wallows in the Swamp, Georgia Basks in the Sun

Casey Cagle

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Washington is broken. Whether D.C.'s inability to act on our behalf stems from politicians who leave their state and forget about their constituents or from a process that is plagued by petty partisan gamesmanship, the Schumer Shutdown was just the latest example of Washington's helplessness.

In Georgia, it is a very different story.

Our citizen legislature is full of business professionals, teachers, and men and women who work and live in their communities. While Washington struggles to enact even the simplest reforms, our state government has continued to lead with strong, conservative policies to move Georgia forward.

In Georgia, we pass a balanced, conservative budget every single year. Rather than racing into massive debt like the federal government, we provide for Georgians by using taxpayer money in a responsible manner. Our state constitution requires a balanced budget -- to ensure our leaders are always accountable to Georgia's citizens.

In Georgia, our conservative leadership has created a low-tax, low-regulatory environment that has elevated our economy as the No. 1 state in the nation for business. Small businesses are the backbone of all our communities, and in Georgia we've fought to ensure that government doesn't overburden the entrepreneurs of our state.

In Georgia, we've worked hard to address the threat of illegal immigration by outlawing and defunding sanctuary cities rather than allowing the flow of criminal illegal immigrants to continue unabated like the federal government has for far too long.

In Georgia, we've combated entitlement abuse head-on by imposing work requirements for food stamp recipients. We have empowered able-bodied, working-age Georgians to get back to work, while the federal government allows citizens to take advantage of a system that incentivizes not working.

In Georgia, we take our obligations seriously.

Our state enjoys a Triple-A bond rating, the busiest airport in the World, the fastest growing port in the nation, numerous Fortune 500 company headquarters, an education system that is producing a world-class workforce, top-notch universities, and strong communities.

In Georgia, we've done it right. As your next governor, I will carry on the work to keep Georgia on the right track. We do that by ensuring our competent and conservative state government continues to provide a stark contrast with Washington's dysfunction.