IACT Announces the Launch of hyperCORE International

Staff Report From Columbus CEO

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

Announcing the launch of hyperCORE International LLP, a Super Network of highly awarded and experienced Clinical Research Site Organizations.  It forms the second largest site network in the world with more than 80 sites across 5 countries on 2 continents.  Its unique ownership model combines the strengths of 8 leading independent research site companies under one umbrella focusing on agility and innovation to accelerate clinical research through centralization of core operations and innovative strategic partnerships with Sponsors/CROs.  Its primary goal is to modernize the highly fragmented and inefficient research site model by assembling the industry’s leading site networks under one moniker facilitating exponential efficiencies at an unprecedented scale.
“hyperCORE is fundamentally different” said Karri Venn, President, LMC Manna Research and hyperCORE founding Board member, “While others pursue models of loosely affiliated research sites, or activation of research naïve physicians and health clinics, hyperCORE builds upon the success of a tightly integrated and professional research site model already proven by its founding members.  Further, by leveraging each members’ individual successes, efficiencies are exponential and will resonate across the industry as it seeks a better path forward”.   Venn sites former FDA commissioner Scot Gottlieb’s recent call to arms for the clinical research industry to embrace desperately needed change to modernize and eliminate inefficiency in the conduct of clinical trials.
By combining their strengths and through further integration, the alliance will be sure to turn some heads.  At launch they will have more than 80 sites across 2 continents, spanning from Lima, Peru to Calgary, Canada – some 7,800 kilometers.
“This is the network of networks – a first of its kind,” said Mark Lacy, CEO of Benchmark research and CEO of hyperCORE.  “This is the realization of a vision several years in the making. I wanted to bring together a group of already highly successful and professionalized research site businesses in a new and powerful way.  The magic lies within the mutual ownership model.  This motivates and ensures we each bring the best to the table and work together in ways not possible before.  Together, we can push the boundaries, leading the drive for further innovation, something that will resonate across the clinical research industry. By banding together in such an intimate and integrated way, we can accelerate the entire end to end process from feasibility to close-out.  Its research accelerated!” continued Lacy.
“Each of us has built successful integrated research site companies and knows first-hand the power of the integrated model.  Now we’re are taking it to the next level – creating a Super Network.  By building on the success of each member, we will continue to aggressively add more partners and drive integration through operations and technology.  This is an ALL-STAR team on the cutting edge as the research industry continues to evolve,” said Karri Venn, President of LMC Manna Research.
“Right out of the gate we have a critical mass to facilitate meaningful change,” said Jeff Kingsley CEO of IACT Health and Chair of the Board of Directors of hyperCORE.  “Our commitment to certified, professionalized clinical research across our membership demonstrates a commitment to quality research and patient safety,” continued Kingsley, also past-Chair of the Board of Trustees of ACRP, current Board member of the Academy of Clinical Research Professionals, and a contributor to its certified clinical research professional certification program.
hyperCORE’s founding partner members are: Benchmark Research of Austin, Texas; Clinical Trials of Texas of San Antonio, Texas; DIEX Research of Montreal, Canada; FOMAT Medical Research of Oxnard, CA; IACT Health of Columbus, Georgia; LMC Manna Research of Toronto, Canada; Research Centers of America (RCA) of Hollywood, Florida and Wake Research of Raleigh, North Carolina.
The group will be making their debut at the upcoming 2019 ACRP Conference in Nashville, TN, April 12-15th.  Several of the members are nominated for awards of excellence as well as presenting at sessions during the conference.