Disinfection Equipment Manufactured in Marietta Is Magic Bullet in the Fight Against COVID-19

Staff Report

Thursday, May 28th, 2020

The Elko Boys & Girls Club in Elko, Nevada oversees 112 children whose parents work full-time.   In order to help families of healthcare workers and first responders, the club planned to reopen on May 18 after the two-month shut-down from COVID-19.  CEO Rusty Bahr did extensive research to ensure safety and he eliminated shared equipment—such as computers and game tables. He also wanted to find an effective and efficient way to sanitize his facility and save time for his 10 staff members so that they are not using rags and spray bottles to sanitize every room several times a day.    

He found a magic bullet in SaniCart™, a mobile, micro-fogging surface and air sanitation system, which when paired with any EPA-approved COVID-19 disinfectant can safely and effectively kill pathogens including coronaviruses.  Produced in Marietta, Georgia by Aguair, SaniCart™ addresses the lifecycle of COVID-19 by thoroughly fogging the air and covering surfaces, including every “nook and cranny” in just a few minutes.  It provides the user with an efficient automated process that can be implemented by just rolling the cart into a room and pressing the start button to deliver the disinfectant. 

“Our customers are using SaniCart™ to fog a number of disinfecting agents in the fight against COVID-19,” said Nadya Merchant, M.P.H., PhD., Scientific Director at Aguair LLC.   

One disinfecting agent is chlorine dioxide, sold as the brand name TwinOxide.  “When SaniCart™ was used to dispense Twin Oxide, we were able to quickly achieve and maintain the EPA-prescribed concentration of chlorine dioxide throughout the test environment, thereby killing any coronavirus that might be present in the air and on surfaces,” said Dr. Joe Nieusma of TwinOxide.    

“We are all looking for ways to get back to some level of normal.  Currently, SaniCart™ is being used to disinfect indoor spaces and increase the safety assurance level of customers in a number of industries— restaurants, hospitality, dental offices, government agencies, airlines, public transportation, schools, nursing homes, offices, gyms and movie theaters,” said Dr. Merchant  

Aguair and its parent company, Prodew Inc., are utilizing SaniCart™ to disinfect and maintain sanitation in their own facilities.  In this way, they are providing their workers with a more sanitized environment so they can continue to manufacture and meet the increased demand for this vital equipment for their customers.