Science ATL Launches Virtual Race Through Space App, Blending Science, Education, Humor, & Fitness

Staff Report

Friday, October 2nd, 2020

Science ATL, an Atlanta-based nonprofit working to bring people together through the wonder of science, is taking its annual road race straight to the stars. Race Through Space – Galaxy Edition, sponsored by Randstad and produced in partnership with Emory University and the Georgia Space Grant Consortium, is going virtual. Beginning October 15, runners and walkers can download the free app, developed with Atlanta-based Winnona Partners, and participate in an interactive virtual road race and outer space exploration adventure.

Science ATL’s Race Through Space – Galaxy Edition boldly goes where it hasn’t before, allowing participants to visit other galaxies by running millions of light years in what feels like 5 kilometers. The 5K run is scaled to replicate an intergalactic journey 54.8 million light years long. When using the app, runners listen as a narrator guides them through space, sprinkling science-centric humor along the way and bringing the funny. Starting at the Milky Way, runners and walkers travel nearly 9,000 light years with each step. Participants use their smartphones to display actual images of the various heavenly bodies they pass, including the Andromeda Galaxy and the Cigar Galaxy. The result is an educational, entertaining race like no other.

“In this age of social distancing, technology is allowing us the opportunity to create a whole new Race Through Space,” says Meisa Salaita, co-executive director of Science ATL. “With our app, we’re able to combine science, education, humor, and fitness into one exciting experience.”

Once they download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play, participants can run or walk the Race Through Space – Galaxy Edition anytime, or join hundreds of other run-stronauts the weekend of October 17 for Virtual Race Through Space Day to complete the journey to a black hole. Participants can share their race time on social media and invite friends to join the adventure. 

For more information regarding Science ATL’s Race Through Space – Galaxy Edition, including access to official race merch and links to download the app, visit