Announcing: First Annual National Meander Day

Friday, December 18th, 2020

Silent Thunder Press, publisher of Follow the Meander: An Indirect Route to a More Creative Lifeannounced December 21 as National Meander Day.  This first-of-a-kind event recognizes the powerful positive influence of purposeful purposelessness, spontaneity, intuition and non-linear thinking on creativity, innovation and resilience.  National Meander Day is a day to set process and productivity aside and to indulge creative wanderlust. 

“In rivers, meanders are the curves carved as the water responds to obstacles in its path – never stopping, just weaving a sinuous course pulled forward by natural forces.  In a time of unremitting, accelerating change and seemingly endless difficulties, the ability to personally and mentally meander is an essential superpower,” said Andrew Dietz, author of Follow the Meander.  “National Meander Day encourages the creatives among us to stay fluid and open to possibilities that present themselves rather than trying to force their ideas forward,” Dietz added. 

Suggested activities for National Meander Day: daydream, play, provoke, get provoked, ideate, stroll aimlessly, fart around, pause, improvise, meditate, jump, decide something by flip of a coin, intuit, explore, invent, be silly, find your beginner’s mind, awaken, nap, wear a clown nose, shuffle and swing, step from a 100 foot pole, dance, do a splash painting, write haiku, weave a river, break all straight lines, throw whipped-cream pies, zig-zag, zag-zig, loop-de-loop, wiggle, squiggle, try oblique strategies, adopt lateral thinking, embrace non-thinking, think like slime mold, listen to stone, see with your ears, hear with your eyes, sit like a mountain, smell flowers, hike with a dog, discover what’s missing, laugh and smile.  Then, create something. 

Silent Thunder Press is also announcing the first Meander Challenge to coincide with National Meander Day.  The Meander Challenge encourages participants to submit original creative works inspired by National Meander Day which best embody the ideas espoused in the book, Follow the Meander.  Categories appropriate for submission include visual artwork, writing, music, short film, culinary and related expressive works.  One grand prize winner will receive a $250 Amazon gift certificate.  Two runners up will each receive a $125 Amazon gift certificate.  The first 25 submissions will receive a free copy of Follow the Meander and a National Meander Day t-shirt.  A digital image of each submission must be made by 9pm ET on December 21, 2020.  Must be 18 or older.  One submission per participant. Winners will be announced on December 26, 2020.