Drizly Brings On-Demand Adult Beverage Delivery To Atlanta Following Recent Statewide Legalization Of Alcohol E-Commerce

Friday, January 29th, 2021

Drizly, the nation's largest alcohol e-commerce marketplace, announced today that its on-demand delivery service is now available in Atlanta. The expansion follows the recent legalization of online alcohol sales and delivery in Georgia and an explosive year of growth for the e-commerce alcohol category overall, with Drizly specifically experiencing sales growth of 350% year-over-year. Drizly goes live in Atlanta after forming partnerships with some of the city's best-known adult beverage retailers, making delivery in under 60 minutes available to the 4.4 million adults of legal drinking age within the city and surrounding suburbs. 

Drizly's initial partner retailers in Atlanta include: A&M Beverage Company, ABC Package, Atlanta Package, Fairington Wine & Spirits, HD Wine Spirits+, Canton Package, Johns Creek Wine & Crystal, Pinkies Up Beer, Racetrack Foodmart, Savi Provisions, Side Door Liquors, The Savvy Cellars, Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits and Tucker Wine, Beer & Spirits.

As the longtime established leader in the rapidly expanding alcohol e-commerce industry, Drizly connects consumers to their local liquor stores online, allowing them to shop a broad range of beer, wine, and spirits across stores and get delivery to their door in under 60 minutes. By state mandate, adult beverage retailers planning to handle alcohol delivery are required to have store personnel complete training protocols. Drizly is available to answer questions about the requirements and how to satisfy them. Retailers looking to learn more about online delivery and how bring their shelves online to offer this new service to consumers in their area can learn more at joindrizly.com

"Atlanta has been on Drizly's radar for years now, so we were eager and ready to start connecting adults of legal drinking age with local retailers for at-home delivery as soon as legislation passed and regulations were finalized," said Cathy Lewenberg, COO at Drizly. "Even before operating in the state, millions of potential customers have been coming to Drizly seeking to use the service. We know in these unprecedented times that consumers are looking to delivery services as a safer alternative and that this offering can be a critical diversification strategy for retailers to grow their business. We are looking forward to teaming up with our local partners to now bring that service to Atlanta residents, just in time for the new year."

Consumers of legal drinking age across Georgia, and in a total of 1,400+ cities across North America, can visit Drizly.com or download the Drizly app (App Store and Google Play) to shop inventory from local retailers in their market for beer, wine and spirits delivered on demand. A detailed look at recent changes in Drizly's delivery processes to maximize customer and retailer employee safety can be found here

"Right after Prohibition's repeal, my family established a business founded upon excellent service, and that same dedication still drives us today. It makes partnering with Drizly just the natural thing to do for our longtime customers and others who will now discover us," said David Greenbaum, Head of Retail Sales at Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits. "Partnering with Drizly brings our entire inventory online for exploration. Coupled with delivery within 60 minutes of ordering, it's just a win-win situation."

Retailers in the Atlanta area and throughout Georgia interested in learning more about growing their business with on-demand alcohol delivery on Drizly's e-commerce platform can find more information at joindrizly.com. Drizly's recently launched BevAlc Insights provides data and insights about the beverage alcohol industry and its fast-growing e-commerce sector, including tips on how to operate in Georgia specifically. The platform is regularly updated with category and market trend forecasts, fresh consumer insights and other information and counsel developed expressly to help adult beverage retailers grow.