Indie Film Shot in Georgia is the Recipient of Multiple Awards

Monday, August 30th, 2021

Pap’s Manifesto’ (previously titled “Mayflower”) is the recipient of multiple awards in North America. The deeply moving story of a grief-stricken father’s commitment to avenge his son’s death, underlines the complex themes of hurt, hate, and hope.

The film was produced by Jeremiah Bennett (Current Chairman of the Producer’s Guild of America, Atlanta Chapter) and directed by Chris Danuser and Casey Clark. It stars American actress, Stephanie Kurtzuba (Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’) and David Triacca (‘The Equalizer,’ ‘Law and Order’).

Written by Chris Danuser and Casey Clark, ‘Pap’s Manifesto’ is a thought-provoking film that categorizes the screenplay in the Southern Gothic genre. Danuser, a Milledgeville native who lives in the New York City Area, says his screenplay was influenced by many of the writings of the Southern writer, Flannery O’Conner, who died in 1964. 

“Many of Flannery’s themes touch upon a mystical power of grace, in my opinion,” says Danuser. “I grew up a mile from Andalusia, the farm Flannery wrote most of her well-known work. Though our work is decades apart, I want to believe her energy is somehow lurking somewhere in my stories. Early on I dedicated the screenplay to her.”

‘Pap’s Manifesto’ was screened in close to a dozen festivals and has to date, received the following awards this year:

  • WINNER - BEST DRAMA - IndieX Film Fest (Los Angeles, June, 2021)

  • WINNER - BEST DRAMA - IndieX Film Fest (Los Angeles, June, 2021) 

  • WINNER - BEST DIRECTOR - Toronto Indie Shorts (Toronto, 2021) 

  • WINNER - BEST MADE IN GEORGIA FILM – Southern Shorts Awards (Atlanta, 2021)

  • WINNER – BEST ACTOR, David Triacca – Southern Shorts Awards (Atlanta, 2021)

  • WINNER – BEST SCREENPLAY – Southern Shorts Awards (Atlanta, GA)

  • WINNER – BEST ACTRESS, Stephanie Kurtzuba – Southern Shorts Awards (Atlanta, GA)

  • WINNER - BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - Toronto Indie Shorts (Toronto, 2021)

  • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, BEST ENSEMBLE - Vegas Movie Awards (Las Vegas, 2021) 


‘Pap’s Manifesto’ was an official selection for Best International Film at the Indie Shorts Awards in Cannes, France and for Best International Narrative Short in Toronto, Canada. The film is currently a semi-finalist at the Academy Award, BAFTA and the Canadian Screen Award Qualifying Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival.

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