Gridline Launches to Bring Next-Level Access to Private Market Investments

Monday, February 28th, 2022

Today’s launch of Gridline’s alternative asset marketplace revolutionizes access to private market investing, providing greater opportunity for individual investors and wealth managers to invest in top-tier alternative assets and fund managers.
Just as Vanguard introduced index-based investing to public markets in the 1970s, Gridline is introducing index-based investing to private markets, allowing non-institutional investors the most efficient way to gain diversified exposure to historically exclusive and prohibitively expensive private market opportunities.
The global alternatives market is projected to reach $17 trillion by 2025, buoyed by $10 trillion of expected inflows over the next five years. Alternatives offer a great opportunity to generate above-market returns, with the S&P 500 forecasted to deliver a meager 6% average annualized return over the next 10 years. Top quartile alternative investments dwarf that, returning an average of around 19%. Gridline is at the forefront of helping investors realize these returns historically reserved for institutions and endowments in this asset class.
Gridline’s digital wealth platform handles the traditionally cumbersome back-office management of private market investing, from treasury management to tax reporting and transparent performance monitoring, allowing fees to remain low, keeping more money in the investor’s pocket.
“Alternative investments have historically been exclusive to access and difficult to diversify unless you have endowment-level capital to deploy,” said Gridline CEO and Founder Logan Henderson. “We saw a systemic problem between the alternatives marketplace, individual investors and RIAs, and wanted to break down that barrier by building an enterprise-grade wealth tech platform, coupled with a top performing fund of funds.”
The marketplace provides qualified purchasers, accredited investors, RIAs and family offices access to fund managers that have been thoroughly vetted by the Gridline institutional-grade investment team. Investment products will range across all alternative asset classes — including venture capital, private equity, real assets, hedge funds and crypto.
As wealth managers seek low volatility, non-correlated investment opportunities for clients, Gridline provides increased availability for private market allocations to complete a comprehensive portfolio strategy. Among the RIA community, the platform has seen strong early traction, demonstrating interest in top quality thematic multi-manager alternative investment products.
"We know the market is clamoring for access to privileged investment products, appropriate diversification and an overall better user experience," said Gridline Chairman Jon Hallett. "Gridline’s mission is to deliver the best risk-adjusted long-term investment outcomes by allowing investors the opportunity to emulate what the smartest investors in the world have been doing with their portfolios for the last two decades.”