Atlanta Entrepreneur to Release Signature Golf Shoe to Expand Sport's Reach to Underserved Communities

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

Next month, Atlanta entrepreneur Edgar Evans Jr. will release his signature golf shoe, “The Edgar 1’s.” The shoes were created to inspire the world and provide the youth of underserved communities with golf resources.

The concept of the Edgar 1’s started early when Evans was just 11 years old and practiced his golf swing in his grandma’s backyard while wearing a pair of Scottie Pippen II’s.
A native of Augusta, Georgia, Evans learned the game of golf by watching the Golf Channel and reading Golf Digest. He continued to work hard and received a golf scholarship from Southern University A&M College. Today, Evans is a professional golf instructor and host of the Saturday Foursome television show.
"Along my journey, I have been told what I can't do a million times. Instead of waiting for a golf company to 'Give" me a shoe deal, I am signing myself," said Evans. "I am taking the future into my own hands. I believe it's up to us to make our way and provide opportunities for others in this life. This is WHY I developed these shoes, and I am so excited to share them with the world and encourage others to enjoy the game of golf."
Inspiration for the Edgar 1's was pulled from embracing hip hop culture and Evans’ favorite shoes that include the Tom Sach's Marsyards, Lebron 18s, and the Scottie Pippen II. The shoe also references Evans’ favorite bible passage, Psalm 27: 13-14.
“Unfortunately, growing up, I did not have access to quality golf equipment or an individual instructor,” said Evans. “Even though I played Division 1 college golf, my clubs were a mixed set of outdated equipment not fitted to my game. I also only played with 13 clubs because I did not have a five iron. I had the talent, heart, and will to be great but did not have the resources to take my game to the next level. I can’t change the past, but I will do everything to make sure that it does not happen to a kid like me in the future.”
In addition to launching the shoe, Evans has created a not-for-profit organization called 13GolfClubs that provides brand new golf equipment and lessons for underserved youth. A portion of the profits from the Edgar 1’s will be donated to 13GolfClubs.
On April 2, the Edgar 1’s will be available exclusively at Under a limited release, they will be available via a presale model.
For more information on how to purchase the shoe, visit