Mallory Agency Announces Top Threats to Restaurant Safety as National Safety Month Ends

Staff Report

Thursday, June 30th, 2022

As National Safety Month draws to a close, Mallory Agency, the best-in-class, privately-held insurance broker in Georgia and beyond, has identified the top three threats to restaurant safety: foodborne illness, workplace hazards and cyber risk.

 “Virtually every industry experienced disruption during the pandemic, but the restaurant industry faced an exponential level of adversity,” said Matt Mallory, CEO of Mallory Agency. “As restaurants continue their efforts to recover from the effects of the pandemic, it’s critical that their leadership pays attention to foodborne illness, workplace hazards and cyber risk in order to avoid additional issues.” 

Foodborne illness affects an estimated 48 million Americans every year and can cost restaurants millions of dollars in lost revenue, inspection costs and lawsuits – as well as customer business. 

Workplace hazards like burns, which are the one of the leading causes of occupational injuries in the restaurant industry, can have a significant negative impact on a restaurant’s bottom line when considering things like lost wages, medical care and legal representation.

Cyber risk is a burgeoning issue for restaurant operators who are keen to adopt technological innovation. Point of sale (PoS) systems are especially vulnerable to data breaches by hackers, who can steal large volumes of information from a single system with minimal effort.

“Mallory Agency is committed to over-delivering for our restaurant clients,” said Mallory. “We pride ourselves in understanding these threats inside and out so that we can better prepare our restaurant clients for risk and coverage.”