Harry Norman's Ashoo Sharma Wins Diversity Initiative Award

Staff Report

Monday, July 11th, 2022

Harry Norman, REALTORS, Atlanta’s first in luxury real estate, prides itself on the excellent service that it provides in Atlanta and beyond through its agents and team. One such team member, Ashoo Sharma, was recently recognized by the Georgia Legal Awards by being named the Diversity Champion for Professional Excellence.

“Ashoo is authentic and takes action! From the very beginning, she has demonstrated her passion for diversity and inclusion, actively seeking out opportunities to apply her specialized education as an attorney to influence positive change. She readily volunteers for extra responsibilities, both inside and outside our company, because it has intrinsic meaning to her,” said Jenni Bonura, President and CEO of Harry Norman, REALTORS. “Ashoo’s compassion and motivation is genuine, with her goal to make a difference rather than to collect potential accolades or be in the limelight. For this reason, I am especially delighted that she is being recognized for this award the first time it has been bestowed because she is so deserving and has been making an impact throughout her professional life of 20+ years.”

Sharma is the Vice President and General Counsel and ambassador of the People and Culture Council at Harry Norman, REALTORS, where she leads the efforts on diversity, equity, and inclusion. In a post on Twitter, the Legal Awards recognize Sharma’s achievement “for helping the company achieve many influential diversity milestones and her efforts as a member of the GA Commission on Equal Opportunity’s advisory board.”

“My legacy goal has always been to help a company, industry, and community be better than before,” said Sharma. “I feel satisfied knowing that I’m able to accomplish this professional goal in a rewarding way.”