Phoenix Parking's Latest Tech Transforms Guest Experience

Staff Report

Thursday, August 25th, 2022

Phoenix Parking Solutions, an Atlanta-based parking management company that is completely digital, cashless, and contactless, continues to utilize the latest technology to provide a streamlined, hassle-free parking experience not just for drivers but for business owners and property management companies as well.

“Our gateless parking facilities eliminate the need for guests to keep track of paper parking tickets,” says Phoenix president Jeff Patterson. “And our cloud-based parking validation platform alleviates headaches for retailers while improving accuracy and protecting the bottom line for business owners and property managers.”

Phoenix’s paper-free validation system, already in use at Atlanta businesses like Snooze, among others, allows businesses to offer guests the convenience of validated parking without any of the inconveniences that can result.

“You park at a gateless facility, text a number or scan a QR code, and pay for your time without having to stand in line at a kiosk or wait behind several other cars on your way out,” Patterson says. “You walk into your destination, and there’s a tablet right there at the host stand or the receptionist’s desk. You type in your phone number and license plate number, then receive a text message that you’ve been successfully validated. It’s a completely frictionless experience.”