Calendly Acquires Hiring Scheduling Startup

Staff Report

Friday, September 30th, 2022

-Calendly, the modern scheduling platform for high-performing teams and individuals, today announced the acquisition of Prelude, a fast-growing recruiting operations platform designed to build an efficient and delightful hiring process. With this acquisition, recruiting teams and hiring leaders will optimize scheduling for interviewers and candidates, ultimately allowing the top SMB to enterprise companies to achieve their talent acquisition goals. The addition of Prelude means that Calendly can accelerate its ambition to deliver deeper solutions for enterprise teams and organizations, serving as the one-stop shop for external scheduling.

“This acquisition is a testament to how Calendly’s profitable business model affords us the ability to pursue initiatives that will meet the growing demand of our customers,” said Tope Awotona, founder and CEO of Calendly. “For the last near-decade, Calendly has been laser-focused on simplifying scheduling to help teams increase revenue, have greater customer retention, and land more candidates. With Prelude, Calendly will offer the leading scheduling automation platform for all segments of the industry, from SMBs to the enterprise.”

Recruiting teams are presented with meeting challenges that the industry aims to automate. One challenge is panel interviews, which are necessary to allow candidates and employers to make better hiring decisions. Prelude solves that problem by simplifying the process of scheduling the candidate with different people throughout the organization. In an ever-evolving labor market that presents new challenges at every turn, recruiting teams require versatile and comprehensive solutions to move quickly with top talent.

“This acquisition presents a tremendous market opportunity with the amount of interactions and experiences modern companies have with their potential hires,“ says Will Laufer, founder and CEO of Prelude. “There’s a natural alignment here as our shared vision is to provide a comprehensive solution to recruiting teams with one integrated platform. Scheduling automation is really crucial to the success of any business team – and together, Calendly and Prelude will be the clear choice.”

Calendly will leverage Prelude for its enterprise customer base that are already using Calendly’s single scheduling platform for multiple departments. With a deeper interview scheduling solution that also integrates with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), the integration will remove the friction that exists within the candidate experience by changing how companies approach their hiring strategies. This also includes modernizing every candidate touchpoint, from communications and prep, to scheduling and logistics to interviewing.