Brian Dally Inducted Into the Atlanta Dealmakers Hall of Fame

Staff Report

Thursday, May 25th, 2023

Today, Groundfloor co-founder and CEO Brian Dally was inducted into the Atlanta Dealmakers Hall of Fame. This prestigious honor recognizes individuals who make significant contributions to the dealmaking landscape in Atlanta and beyond.

With more than 25 years of experience building disruptive technology startups across the globe, Dally has made substantial innovations in the financial services industry. By co-founding Groundfloor with Nick Bhargava in 2013, Dally enabled non-accredited and accredited investors alike to participate in residential real estate investment loans on a fractional basis, leading the company to become the very first to be qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission to offer investing in this way. Ten years later, the award-winning platform continues to democratize access to real estate investing, empowering individual investors to access private market investments that were once only available to institutional investors. As further proof of its impact, Groundfloor recently announced it surpassed $1 billion in retail investment volume.

In keeping with the company's mission to level the playing field, Groundfloor has also innovated when it comes to raising capital for its own operations. Instead of solely relying on VC fundraising, the company allows its loyal retail investor base to become shareholders. Today, Groundfloor is proudly 30.2% customer-owned. Overall, the company has raised $41 million in capital.

Prior to Groundfloor, Dally led the launch of Republic Wireless, a division of Bandwidth, which gained international acclaim for inventing Hybrid Calling to take on the big four cell phone carriers. Under his leadership, millions more Americans gained access to affordable smartphones.

Dally's impact on the industry extends beyond Groundfloor and Republic Wireless. He has advised a wide range of early stage startups as a mentor and investor.

"Brian Dally is a visionary leader who has had a significant impact on the financial services industry," said Dustin Klein, Chief Content Officer at Smart Business Network. "His induction into the Atlanta Dealmakers Hall of Fame is well-deserved recognition of his exceptional contributions and innovative leadership."