Spatial Engineering Supports Georgia Cities Through GMA Participation

Staff Report

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

The Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) announced that Spatial Engineering, Inc. (SEI) continues to demonstrate its commitment to Georgia’s 537 cities as a 2023 GMA Business Alliance Program (BAP) participating company. The BAP connects companies with municipal leaders to share knowledge and expertise to strengthen Georgia's cities and support the mission of GMA.

SEI specializes in spatial data to provide customers with timely location-based intelligence. It offers complete solutions including planning, design and implementation, data collection and integration, database management, custom training, on-site support, and web and application development.

"Spatial Engineering is about spatial data which includes GIS, CADD and other data based on location," explained VP Richard Truluck. "My career has been filled with opinions that GIS and CADD do not mix, cannot work together and cannot coexist. I argue differently. At Spatial Engineering, we use GIS and CADD technologies concurrently with no data conversion. No data conversion equals no data loss. That is what separates Spatial Engineering from everyone else."

"The participating companies in GMA’s Business Alliance Program provide our municipal members with additional resources and information to help them achieve the best possible outcomes. They also support GMA’s ability to provide services for all member cities," said GMA CEO and Executive Director Larry Hanson. "We value the commitment and expertise that Spatial Engineering and other companies bring to Georgia cities and our organization."