Building Careers in the Skilled Trades; Construction Ready Launches New Podcast with Chip and Pauli Wade

Staff Report

Thursday, July 27th, 2023

Jobs in the skilled trades continue to be in high demand, with thousands of positions open across Georgia. Construction Ready, a nonprofit focused on educating and training people for careers in construction and the skilled trades, this week launched a new podcast series, the “Construction Ready Podcast,” hosted by Chip and Pauli Wade. The monthly show will focus on different aspects of the construction industry, encouraging Georgians to explore the many lucrative and exciting career opportunities. 

The new podcast will be streaming from Construction Ready’s website and across all of its social media channels (YouTubeFacebookTwitter,LinkedIn).

“At Construction Ready, we are constantly working to raise awareness of the opportunities in the construction industry and train those interested in building their careers,” says Scott Shelar, CEO and President of Construction Ready. “The Construction Ready Podcast really gives us an opportunity to reach more people and educate them about the skilled trades.” 

Chip and Pauli Wade are the owners of Wade Works Creative, LLC,  an Atlanta-based residential and commercial design, architecture, realty and construction firm. They are also spokespersons for several national brands. Chip has appeared on HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The BlockEllen’s Design Challenge, HGTV’s Design Star, Oprah, and on CNN. 

“Our passion at Wade Works is to partner our passion with our purpose to help others, " says host Chip Wade. “The Construction Ready Podcast allows us to educate viewers and listeners to understand the amazing opportunities available in the skilled trades for people of all ages.”  

Upcoming Shows:

  • Episode 1 - Meet Chip and Pauli Wade, the new hosts of the “Construction Ready Podcast”

  • Episode 2 - Meet Johnny Hughes, Vice President, Training Development with Construction Ready who’ll be talking about Construction Ready’s Pre-Apprenticeship training classes 

The goal of the Construction Ready program is to help close the workforce skills gap. The lack of skilled workers is also a problem as Georgia continues to have a shortage of skilled workers. Closing this skills gap by educating more Georgians about careers in the skilled professions is Construction Ready’s primary goal.

Construction Ready works with high school students, parents, employers, teachers, counselors, and partners to strengthen the youth workforce and address the immediate needs of the skilled labor market. The nonprofit was created almost 30 years ago and works to close the skilled workforce gap that is impacting the industry nationwide. Those interested in being a part of Construction Ready can be a part of its K12 programs, Little Builders, CareerExpo, and adult training programs. More information is available at  

By the Numbers: Since 2014, the Construction Ready adult education program has trained more than 1,530 workers of all ages for a successful career in construction. Successes of the program include: 

  • 97% job placement by end of training

  • Average starting salary of $13-17/hour

  • 70% of participants employed with the same company one year later