Georgia Milestones Student Assessment Scores Improve in 2022-23

Monday, July 31st, 2023

Georgia students continued to show improvement on the 2022-2023 Georgia Milestones assessments. Scores increased or held steady on 13 of 21 assessments, compared to the 2021-2022 school year, with clear improvement displayed in the critical area of third-grade reading.

“I am pleased to see continued evidence of Georgia's academic recovery in this year's Georgia Milestones results," State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “Even for this year's third graders, whose entire academic career has been impacted by the pandemic, we can see evidence of growth. It's particularly encouraging to see increases in English Language Arts and literacy, especially in the early grades – given all we know about the importance of learning to read, and then reading to learn, by third grade. Of course, there is still work to do, and we will continue to invest in strategies to address lost learning opportunities." 

Details on 2022-2023 Georgia Milestones Scores
The percentage of students achieving the Proficient Learner level and above increased or held steady on 13 of 21 End of Grade (EOG) and End of Course (EOC) assessments. Students who achieve the Proficient Learner designation are considered on track to being ready for college and career.

Comparison of 2021-22 to 2022-23   EOG EOC Combined
Proficient Learner & Above increased 8 0 8
  same 4 1 5
  decreased 4 4 8
Developing Learner & Above increased 6 1 7
  same 3 1 4
  decreased 7 3 10

Spotlight on Early Literacy
The 2022-2023 Georgia Milestones scores showed positive indicators in the area of early literacy – particularly given the critical importance of students' ability to read by third grade. Third-grade English Language Arts (ELA) scores increased by three percentage points. The percentage of third-grade students reading on grade level or above increased from 64 to 66 percent. 

Many Georgia school districts have used ESSER pandemic relief funds to make strong investments in early literacy – an example is Fulton County Schools' Every Child Reads initiative, highlighted in the 2022 CARES Impact Study (see page 21). Literacy is also the most frequent focus area of ESSER-funded professional learning in Georgia school districts.

Continued Investment in Academic Recovery
Most gains in the 2022-2023 Georgia Milestones scores occurred in ELA and mathematics and at the elementary and middle-school levels, while most declines occurred in science and social studies and at the high-school level. GaDOE is launching several new initiatives to ensure school districts have the resources they need to close these gaps.

  • GaTutor Program: Beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, the GaTutor program will be available through Georgia Virtual Learning. GaDOE is hiring 100 Georgia-certified teachers to serve as tutors for the program, which will be free to public-school students. Tutoring will be available in all EOC courses.

  • AmeriCorps Tutoring Program through Ampact: Using a combination of state funds appropriated by the General Assembly and federal funds, GaDOE will partner with AmeriCorps' Math Corps and Reading Corps programs to provide tutoring for up to 5,000 students across the state. GaDOE's School and District Improvement and Teaching and Learning teams will work with Ampact to identify schools for tutor placement.

  • BEACON Expansion: GaDOE is expanding the availability of BEACON, the formative assessment directly aligned to Georgia Milestones, to high school along with grades K-2. BEACON is available at no charge to every school district in the state.