Cities Connect: New EPD Grant - Tire Products

Staff Report

Friday, August 25th, 2023

Georgia Senate Bill 95, enacted in July, is expected to generate additional funding for Georgia’s Solid Waste Trust Fund through improved tire fee collections. As a result, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division announced a total of $3.5 Million in SWTF Grant funding for fiscal year 2024 to support recycling, waste diversion, and scrap tire abatement and reuse, including the new Tire Products (Tire) Grant.

In its first year, the Tire Grant will offer a total of $1 Million for Georgia local government projects with a funding cap of $250,000 per applicant for the direct costs related to the incorporation of tire-derived products into projects that would normally utilize new or virgin materials, or for research projects to support scrap tire innovations. The funding available for tire-derived products may be used in projects including, but not limited to: paving; poured playgrounds or trails; mats, pavers, and tiles; courts for schools or parks; or traffic related products.

In this episode, Allie Kelly, Executive Director at The Ray, leads a panel that discusses the benefits and costs of rubber-modified asphalt, the Georgia DOT-approved specification for rubber-modified asphalt and successful Georgia projects, and more.