New Study Reveals Holiday Airfare Prediction

Staff Report

Friday, August 25th, 2023 has released its 2023 Holiday Flight Report, revealing the cheapest times to fly this holiday season. The report analyzed 11,000 travel itineraries to determine the best-value months to book holiday flights as well as the cheapest days to travel. This year's Thanksgiving airfares are trending up by 12% compared to 2022 prices and Christmas prices are up by 11%, indicating a consistent increase in holiday airfare over the past two years.

However, for the first time, the day before Thanksgiving, which has historically been one of the most expensive travel days, is now on par with flight prices for that week, making it a more affordable day to travel this year. This is likely due to travelers being able to work in a hybrid environment, extending Thanksgiving travel, and decreasing the demand for travel closer to the holiday.

"With this kind of insight, consumers can fly at their convenience this holiday season," says CEO Jeff Klee. "Without the typical spike in airfare the day before Thanksgiving, travelers have the opportunity for flexible flight schedules."

While holiday travel days are more accommodating this year, airfare is still on the rise, so it is in travelers' best interest to plan ahead and book early. According to the report, the best month to book flights for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's travel is September for the lowest airfare.

See below for the best days to travel this holiday season.


  • Nov. 22: Historically, the day before Thanksgiving has been one of the most expensive days to fly, however this year it is only slightly more expensive than other days.

  • Nov. 23: Departing on Thanksgiving this year will save travelers approximately $63 per ticket.

  • Nov. 24: Travelers will save approximately $100 by taking a flight the day after Thanksgiving.


  • Dec. 24: The night before Christmas has some of the best savings of the week, offering savings of almost $120.

  • Dec. 25: Travelers can save about the same amount departing on Christmas day as they would flying out on Christmas Eve.

New Year's

  • Jan. 1: New Year's Day falls on a Monday this year, which makes for a relatively inexpensive travel day. Travelers will spend about the same whether they fly on Monday or Tuesday this holiday with approximately a $10 difference between the average price.

To learn more on ways to save on holiday travel this year, check out the full 2023 Holiday Flight Report.