Southern Grace Joins Chamblee Tap & Market

Staff Report

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

Chamblee Tap & Market is proud to announce an exciting addition to its upcoming micro food hall — Southern Grace, a beloved food truck turned brick-and-mortar eatery. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Southern Grace and Chamblee Tap & Market as they join forces to bring delectable Southern cuisine to the heart of Chamblee.

Southern Grace, renowned for its mouthwatering Southern-inspired dishes, will tantalize patrons with an array of culinary delights. From all-day breakfast sandwiches to signature dishes like shrimp and grits, a pork belly breakfast taco, meatloaf sandwich, pulled pork mac and cheese, smoked crab cake, lobster roll, and enticing salads, the menu promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Chamblee Tap & Market's micro food hall is set to become a hotspot in the historic downtown district. With a taproom and meticulously designed food stalls, owners David Heymann and Jeff Kimmel aim to create an oasis for beer, wine and food enthusiasts. Southern Grace Chef and Owner Delorean Ostrom expressed excitement about this partnership, stating, "After seeing the neighborhood, building and meeting David and Jeff, we were ready to go."

David Heymann, one of the owners of Chamblee Tap & Market, discovered Southern Grace's exceptional cuisine at an event, instantly recognizing its compatibility with the project. "Every time I try something new from the menu, I’m even more delighted that Southern Grace is part of our project," Heymann commented.

Meticulously designed by Vickers Design Group, Chamblee Tap & Market seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with a casual ambiance. The micro food hall will feature three unique food stalls in addition to Sidecar Coffee, a charming coffee shop, and a taproom boasting 20 taps, offering a highly curated selection of beer and wine.

Chamblee Tap & Market has partnered with terra alma, a renowned collaborator, to curate the food hall. Founder Edie Weintraub shared, "The historic charm of downtown Chamblee offers the perfect setting, allowing exciting venues like Chamblee Tap & Market to thrive, featuring burgeoning concepts such as Southern Grace and Sidecar Coffee."

Located adjacent to City Hall and the future Chamblee Town Center, Chamblee Tap & Market is poised to become the heartbeat of downtown Chamblee. Scheduled to open its doors in early 2024, the space will welcome guests seven days a week, including a private event space for special occasions.

Founder of terra alma, Edie Weintraub, highlighted the opportunity for aspiring vendors to be part of this innovative project. "Two stalls are still open for rent. With the full building now under construction, it is much easier to envision the project," said Weintraub.

Chamblee Tap & Market promises to be a vibrant destination where community, cuisine, and culture converge. As the city focuses on enhancing the pedestrian-friendly nature of Broad Street, this micro food hall is poised to reshape the downtown landscape.

If your restaurant is interested in touring Chamblee Tap & Market, contact terra alma at 404-436-1045 or visit