VC Firm Anzu Partners Raises $200M for Third Fund

Friday, September 29th, 2023

Anzu Partners, an investment firm delivering capital and strategic support to early-stage breakthrough technology companies, today announced it has raised more than $200 million at the close of its third venture capital fund.

Fund III was established to invest in companies developing next-generation solutions in clean technology, industrial innovations, and life sciences. Investors in Fund III include new and returning public and private institutions, single and multifamily offices, and accredited investors across the U.S. and overseas.

Anzu Partner’s Fund III has deployed $123.1 million to 12 companies across the following sectors:

Clean Tech

  • AM Batteries is developing a dry coating process for Li-ion battery electrode materials that enables significantly lower cost, manufacturing footprint, and CO2 emissions in battery manufacturing.

  • e-Zinc utilizes zinc metal for its long-duration energy storage system, which has the potential to be more cost-effective than comparable lithium-ion systems.

  • South 8 Technologies is pioneering a new category of battery electrolytes, utilizing Liquified Gas to enhance the safety, performance, and operating temperature range of Li-ion batteries in energy storage systems and electric vehicles.

  • Xendee develops distributed energy resources (DER) planning and operation software for microgrids for electric vehicles and fast-charging infrastructure projects.

  • XGS Energy plans to dramatically increase the scalability of geothermal energy while eliminating the need for large volumes of water with its closed-loop heat harvesting technology.


  • Arduino is a global leader in open-source hardware that is forging the next generation of IoT, automation, and industrial controls products for enterprise applications, leveraging its substantial community of more than 30 million developers worldwide.

  • EnCharge AI is unlocking the full potential of AI from the edge-to-cloud using its robust and scalable in-memory computing technology, enabling broader and more sustainable deployment of computer vision and generative AI products.

  • Opscura protects operational technology (OT) against security threats to ensure continuity for manufacturing, transportation and renewable energy providers with vulnerable legacy products.

  • Voxeljet is a pioneer of 3D printing solutions, used by the automotive, aerospace, engineering, and consumer goods sectors.

Life Sciences

  • Codetta Bio is a multiomics technology company using its integrated platform of reagents, hardware, and software to improve research and development of new therapies.

  • CytoTronics uses semiconductor microelectrode array technology in a microplate format to study cell function in real time, at single-cell resolutions, revealing novel insights at scale.

  • MedCrypt provides cybersecurity software for connected medical devices, such as insulin pumps, scanners and monitors, to demonstrate compliance with security regulations.

The Fund III cohort reflects Anzu Partners’ expanded commitment to clean technology companies that are not only powering the energy transition but also enabling a more sustainable use of resources, representing nearly half of the companies in the portfolio. Previous investments in clean technologies include Niron Magnetics, which is commercializing a non-rare earth permanent magnet alternative, and 6K, which is driving a sustainable domestic battery material production process with near-zero waste and lower carbon footprint.

“Anzu Partners is focused on investing in the breakthrough technologies that will serve as the backbone of industry – and will foster broader access to clean technologies, transformative therapeutics and our electrified future,” said David Michael, Managing Partner and co-founder, Anzu Partners. “There’s no time like the present to invest in the core technologies that will support the industries of tomorrow, because tomorrow is already on our doorstep.”

To further underscore the need to develop next-gen technologies, more than $117 million in government funding and grants have been awarded to Anzu Partners’ portfolio companies, including EnCharge AI, Niron Magnetics, 6K and South 8 Technologies.

Anzu Partners was founded in 2014 with the mission to advance breakthrough technologies and build an investment platform that allows founders to focus on what they do best – build industry-disruptive technologies. Today, Anzu Partners has a bench of more than a dozen technical experts and approximately 70 investment, operations, and platform professionals who offer strategic, financial management, global connectivity, operational, communications and marketing support to portfolio companies as they mature from early stage to commercialization.

Anzu Partners manages approximately $1 billion in strategic assets across several funds and strategies, including two existing oversubscribed venture funds (Fund I with $128 million launched in 2016, Fund II with $190 million launched in 2019), a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”), and a series of special purpose vehicles.