Commissioner Steve Bradshaw Recognizes H.E.H. Paving Inc. for 35 Years of Business in DeKalb

Monday, October 30th, 2023

Commissioner Steve Bradshaw District 4 and the Board of Commissioners recognized H.E.H. Paving Inc. with a proclamation for 35 years of business success in DeKalb County.

On Oct. 29,1988, Hobson Milner and Herb Williams started a landscaping company that eventually grew into the commercial business, H.E.H. Paving Inc. Their objective was to create and sustain a company that could satisfy customer needs on a long-term basis.

“I had the opportunity to visit H.E.H. Paving and receive a tour of the business by Mr. Milner,” said Commissioner Steve Bradshaw.  “It was evident to me the dedication and commitment of he and his team. It’s hard to start a business and even harder to sustain one for 35 years. It is my honor to recognize the longevity of H.E.H. Paving Company by way of a proclamation today.”

H.E.H. Paving has since grown to employ over 60 full-time employees who are held to the highest standard of professional and ethical behavior. H.E.H. Paving ensures that all employees are in assignments that matches their skills, allowing the employees the opportunity to showcase their best abilities.

H.E.H. Paving has partnered with Goodwill and has received long-term, successful hires from the organization.

H.E.H. Paving gives back to the community by supporting education, providing internships, and granting scholarships. The internship program provides each student with a mentor and students remaining in the program are offered fulltime employment after high school graduation.

“I want to thank Commissioner Bradshaw it is an honor for H.E.H. Paving to be recognized with a proclamation,” said Hobson Milner, co-owner.

For more information, contact Robin Flieg at [email protected] or 404-371-7031.