Atlanta Ranks #6 for Most Smart Homes for Sale

Thursday, November 30th, 2023

As technology advances, smart homes are increasingly prevalent in the housing market. My team at Vivint's new Redfin analysis, based on a survey of 1,000 Americans, reveals key findings in Georgia:

  • Atlanta ranks #6 for the highest percentage of smart home listings nationwide (22.7%)

  • The most expensive cities to own a smart home are Boston, MA; Seattle, WA and Scottsdale, AZ

  • Over 10% of Americans are willing to exceed their budget by up to $15.5K for the perfect smart home.

  • 50% of respondents own a smart home, and 1 in 3 use its features daily.

The rapid rise of the smart home

Rapid technological advances are allowing more homeowners to enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and enhanced security that smart homes have to offer. We recently conducted a data analysis to pinpoint the cities where buyers can expect to find the most smart homes for sale and at various price points. We also surveyed over 1,000 Americans to gauge public sentiment surrounding smart homes and their benefits. Before digging into our findings, let’s define what we mean by smart homes.

A smart home is a place with internet-connected and programmable devices, ranging from smart thermostats to doorbell cameras. Some homes in our study had more smart features than others, but they included at least one of the items shown above. Let’s now take a look at the smart home hotspots we found across the U.S.

Smart-home friendly cities

While smart homes are popping up nationwide, you’ll find more listings in some cities than others. Discover which of the most populated places have the most smart homes for sale.

Our study revealed that prospective smart homebuyers would find the highest percentages of smart home listings in Los Angeles, CA (30.6%), New York, NY (26.9%), and Forth Worth, TX (25.1%). Los Angeles proved the most popular city for smart homeowners, as nearly one-third of all sale listings were for smart homes. From innovative communities such as Playa Vista (aka “Silicon Beach”) to energy-efficient subdivisions in nearby Riverside County, the L.A. area is now home to multiple growing smart communities.

It makes sense that you’ll find the largest number of smart homes in or near the nation’s largest tech hubs. Tech-centric cities such as Atlanta (22.7%), Phoenix (16.1%), and Austin (15.0%) also ranked high on our list. Minneapolis, home to a traditionally vibrant tech scene, proved the exception to the rule with only one smart home listing currently available. Minneapolis tied with Laredo, TX, Stockton, CA, and Milwaukee, WI, as the cities with the lowest percentage of smart homes on our list.

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