Experts Reveal the High-Earning Side Hustles Which Could Potentially Substitute a Georgian's Regular Wage

Journo Research

Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

With remote and hybrid working creating more opportunities for people to experiment with secondary income methods, it is fair to say it is easier now than ever before to make extra money. The main problem people face when wanting to adopt a side hustle is knowing what to do and where to start. 


This is why gig economy experts at have put together a list of the highest-earning side hustles that you can adopt, success at which can potentially generate and guide you to minimising your regular hours or substitute your average wage. 



Wanting to earn a little extra cash is not new to Americans, but the increase in people relying on side hustles to bulk up their wallets throughout the past year has been drastic. Due to the cost of living increasing, it is clear that more and more people want to take charge of their lives financially and earn big bucks through impressive side hustles. 



Over the past five years, the United States has seen a 163% increase in searches for 'side hustles', a 168% increase for 'best side hustles' and a huge 729% increase for 'money-making side hustles' according to Google Trends, proving just how keen Americans are to expand their knowledge.  



Online Instructor 



If you have a niche you are passionate about, chances are that someone else shares that same passion and wants to expand their knowledge. By becoming an online instructor and creating videos explaining how to excel at your passion, you could help guide someone to success and earn a substantial income.  



By sharing this knowledge online, whether it be fitness routines, arts and crafts or general DIY, you can work this hustle around your daily tasks and fit, creating and uploading content in time that suits you.  



IT and computer courses are a goldmine in terms of money to be made by tutoring and online courses, so if this is something you think you could advise people on, it's definitely worth a go. 



Average Salary: $21 - $42 per hour 






This is a side hustle where you have complete control over your rates, meaning as your skills and experience improve, you can raise your rates.  



TaskRabbit works by getting a network of people to complete various everyday tasks for people in the local area. The best part about it is that you can choose which jobs you would like to take on, and after choosing and being paired with your errand, you can set your hourly rate. 



Each job has a minimum requirement of an hour, and all payments are made online, making it secure and easy to get your money. This side hustle is a fantastic way of earning a side income that could quickly become your primary source of income should you stick at it and set the correct rates for each job.   



Average Salary: $40 - $55 per hour  



Renting out a space on Airbnb 



Suppose you have a spare room you don't use or an outhouse full of junk; why not turn that into a place for people to stay while visiting your area? Renting a space on Airbnb can earn you thousands. All you have to do is tidy up and create a comfortable living area for guests to rest their heads for a few nights. 



Understandably, opening up your home or your property to strangers may seem daunting, but Airbnb has this covered with host damage protection and liability insurance to cover you in case a guest gets into any accidents during their stay.  



Average Salary: $920 per month 



Online Reseller 



One of the most popular side hustles, especially among those aged between 18 and 25, is reselling clothes, shoes, jewellery and home items and making a profit. This hustle is fantastic for decluttering your space while, at the same time, getting cash back into your pocket. 



Sites such as Poshmark, StockX, Depop, eBay, craigslist, Vestiaire Collective and Facebook Marketplace are all sites where you can buy and sell your goods quickly and securely. Some sites may take a cut of what you make, so checking the fine print before you start uploading is essential to ensure your items are listed at the right price. 



If you have a good eye for this sort of thing, it can make you a solid amount of money if you know what's hot on the market. Thrift shops and garage sales are ideal places to stumble across a bargain. 


Average Salary: $23 - $50 per hour