Georgia Places Ninth in the List of the States Most at Risk of Fire Hazards

Journo Research

Friday, December 1st, 2023

New research has discovered the top 10 states most at risk of fire hazards, with California taking the top spot. 

Real estate investors specializing in fire damage analyzed the search volume in each state of multiple items relating to fire hazards, including ‘wood burners’ and ‘space heaters’. The search volume for every term in each state was combined to determine the ranking. 

California tops the list of the states most at risk of fire hazards, with an average monthly search volume of 187.32 per 100,000 people. Not only are wildfires a growing threat to the state, with 71% properties in California being at risk, but citizens are also at risk of household fires with ‘candles’ being the most popular search term. Candles are accountable for approximately 7,200 residential fires in the U.S each year, with December having the highest occurrence compared to any other month. 

Colorado is second on the list, with a total of 182.86 average monthly Google searches per 100,000 citizens. One of the state’s most popular Google searches is ‘space heaters’, a household item used to warm up a small or medium-sized area. These products should never be left unattended when in use and must be placed at least three feet away from combustible materials, such as furniture. 

Third in the ranking is New York, which received an average monthly search volume of 180.43 for every 100,000th person. Like California, New York also has a high demand for ‘candles’ – and while these can contribute to the ambience and décor of your room, they typically cause house fires by being too close to flammable objects, including drapes. 

Kansas places fourth in the list, taking an average monthly search volume of 177.92 for every 100,000th citizen. Searches for ‘electric blankets’ are high in Kansas, an item that is known for costing very little to provide heating. However, they can be hazardous if not used correctly; in fact, these products cause approximately 500 fires every year. 

Fifth in the ranking is Massachusetts, with an average total of 167.98 monthly Google searches per 100,000 people. Similar to Kansas, the state also has a high interest in ‘electric blankets’. To avoid a fire with this item, unplug the blanket before bed if there is no thermostat control, and avoid using them on waterbeds, bunk beds, mechanical beds, or sofas. As well as this, look for signs of scorch marks, water damage, mould, or exposed wires as these are signs that the blanket needs to be replaced.  

Nebraska takes the sixth spot, with an average monthly search volume of 167.73 per 100,000 citizens. With snowfall ranging between 20 to 40 inches in Nebraska, locals are looking to warm up, with searches for ‘portable heaters’ being particularly high in the state. However, around one third of all winter house fires are caused by these items. 

In seventh place is Illinois, which takes an average monthly search volume of 167.73 for every 100,000th person. ‘Candle’ is the most popular fire-hazard related search term in this state, followed by ‘space heater’. 

Following closely behind Illinois is Oregon, with a total average monthly search volume of 166.46 per 100,000 people. ‘Wood burners’ were one of the most popular search terms in this state – and not only can these produce lots of air pollutants, but they can also contribute to fires. Creosote can form in the wood burner or chimney from wet or newly-felled wood, and if this isn’t removed through a clean every year, the creosote can ignite and cause a fire. 

Next on the list is Georgia in ninth place, which received an average of 164.98 monthly Google searches for every 100,000th citizen. Similar to Oregon, ‘wood burners’ are also of high interest in Georgia; to use these safely, allow the wood burner to have proper ventilation, as well as ensuring that you use natural firelighters to start the fire. On top of this, it’s vital to clean out the ashes regularly. 

Last on the list in tenth place is Washington, with an average monthly search volume of 163.35 per 100,000 people. ‘Candle’ is, like Illinois, the most popular fire-hazard related search term in Washington.  

A spokesperson from commented on the findings: “With winter just around the corner, many people across the nation will be using items and appliances to make their home warm and cosy in the cold weather. However, if not used carefully, they may put you at risk of a house fire.”  

“While it’s interesting to see which states appear in the ranking, it’s crucial to always read the safety labels and take the proper precautions regardless of where you live, from switching off your electric blanket before going to bed or leaving candles out of reach from flammable objects.”  

This information was provided by, who cover the buying and selling of fire damaged homes across the United States.